Electric Patio Heater Wiring and Installation

I installed a 4000W patio heater and wired 240 Volts! YOU make sure to consult a licensed electrician for all your local codes and regulations!
See my @Mehditation on choosing heaters: hrhave.info/mate/gtmaoH6JrbeH0pE/video.html

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


  1. ElectroBOOM

    ElectroBOOMPrije 7 mjeseci

    Ok BOOMers! Just make sure to do this kind of electrician work, consult with your local regulations and licensed specialists before setting your house on fire! I might be missing things here or there in my process... hopefully not!! And see my video at @Mehditation on how I chose the heater: hrhave.info/mate/gtmaoH6JrbeH0pE/video.html

  2. Bat Fastard

    Bat FastardPrije 9 dana

    Red Seal Electrician here, you missed the anti shorts on the ends of the BX. very important and actually wouldn't pass CEC, BTW love your videos

  3. Lucie Cerva

    Lucie CervaPrije 2 mjeseci

    Ok boomers If you have Questions with quality Post it on our subreddit No matter your entity I may or may not check it in the next video of Latity

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  6. Earthlings corner

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    @mareks raibacis It will probably be boring for Medhi because such an installation is an absolute NO in Europe

  7. Zaid Timol

    Zaid TimolPrije 16 sati

    This guy legit looks like gargamel

  8. Reuben Kriegel

    Reuben KriegelPrije 3 dana

    You didn't connect the ground/earth to the switch.

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    Wotb Mcpe with AidanPrije 5 dana

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  12. Matt Hartman

    Matt HartmanPrije 9 dana

    Doesn’t look like you used anti short “red heads” to protect the conductor wires inside the cable from the sharp edges at the of the armor cladding. How come?

  13. Paw Gaming

    Paw GamingPrije 10 dana

    I like Mehdi's priorities. House safety < re setting microwave clock 4:09 btw

  14. Murph

    MurphPrije 11 dana

    I love electrical heaters and wood merging

  15. Trevor Hutcheson

    Trevor HutchesonPrije 11 dana

    why wouldn't you put the switch closer to the porch? now someone has to go inside and into the garage to turn the heat on and im sure that heater will have little effect anyways considering heat rises and the heater is on the ceiling lol

  16. ElectroBOOM

    ElectroBOOMPrije 11 dana

    1) Switch is inside so when we are not home someone can't just turn it on and camp there! 2) That's why this is a radiation heating heater, not an air circulating heater

  17. DarkerfoxTech

    DarkerfoxTechPrije 12 dana

    "Nice and clean square" proceeds to cut rectangle.


    THE CRAZY BROS GAMERSPrije 12 dana

    I thought his second channel is Medhitation not Mehditation lol

  19. Steven Haigh

    Steven HaighPrije 15 dana

    You can tell that working with that sized wire and over 200 volts is serious when there were no prank explosions of stuff... That's how you know those bits are really dangerous...

  20. King Of Games

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  21. Florian Gaming

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    14:51 Mehdi: Is this live? Also Mehdi: *Touches the Nail to see if he gets electrocuted* Me: You can clearly see that he is a professional Dumbass, a real one.

  22. iSresthadeep Biswas

    iSresthadeep BiswasPrije 26 dana

    "Without setting my house on fire" - A Herculian Task for ElectroBOOM

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    Faraz JPrije 27 dana

    Why the switch is in garage instead being near to the heater?

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    Hello. Please include Persian subtitles

  28. juoig7799

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    6:29 The reason why the thing burned in water is because H2O doesn't work against electrical fires, try baking soda or C02 instead.

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    No anti short on the ac90?

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    Me buys heater:

  33. LtDominator1

    LtDominator1Prije mjesec

    It's a shame we can't use fuses anymore, they react in as little as 1/4 of a wave cycle, where as a breaker can take as much as 1 and 1/2 waves. Also if a breaker ever trips a single time it's impossible to know that its rating hasn't been changed and the more it trips the more likely it is to have changed.

  34. Alister Ashishki

    Alister AshishkiPrije mjesec

    Wasent expecting the explosion scared the sh!t out of me! Lesson learned don't have headphones connected on the loudest setting and watch a video with a random explosion.

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    Thomas FieldPrije mjesec

    I honestly didn't expect watching someone doing electical DIY to be so interesting and engaging!

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    14:34 Medhi's wife spotted!

  37. Adam Harrison

    Adam HarrisonPrije mjesec

    Hello fellow Canadian. You're missing anti-short bushings on your BX :) Also you're amazing

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    MORPHOICEPrije mjesec

    So cute to see the american power system. In Germany we have 380V between two live wires :-) It looks significantly different

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    AbberdakasPrije mjesec

    Great videos Mehdi, you always get a laugh out of me. You should get yourself an arc welder (stick welder) for high current testing. The older ones work best. You can short circuit the secondary of the welder and adjust the current with the transformer yoke on the welder. Stay safe mate

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    Ola HammarströmPrije mjesec

    Laughing in 1-phase 230V.. :) Ohwell.. I approve of all fuse tolerance videos as the 10A fuse for my outdoors IP44 stuff can apparently take my 2.8kW pool heater, my box freezer and a few led lights for what is now weeks... Ok, the only wiring really not up taking 230V/13A in my circuit is the extension cord between my outdoors outlet and the heater.. It's only getting warm.. not hot. (safe as fu..)

  59. DJ Adventure

    DJ AdventurePrije mjesec

    11:59 Did you see that it juped thru earth

  60. paul poco

    paul pocoPrije mjesec

    Mr ElectroBoom I notice on your armored cable I didn't see the red plastic piece you are supposed to put around the wires into the cut armor part? www.imperialsupplies.com/item/9273247

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    Rule of thumb: Always work in the panel last. You don’t want to have any risk of someone accidentally turning on the breaker while you are working on the circuit. Journeyman taught me that years ago.

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    Another great video. Watching Mehdi build stuff at home is always a treat. But as a former Aussie Electrician, I always cringe when looking at American wiring. The hideousness of all metal unsheathed gear that makes everywhere it goes look like a military bunker. The switches, sockets and switchboards here look so much nicer once wired in, it's incredbile.

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  100. H maddox

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    I didn't look through comments but a regular breaker doesn't protect you it protects the correct rated wire from burning up so 10ga wire needs a 30 Amp breaker to protect the 10ga wire if you could connect 12ga wire to the end of the wires and run 25 amps in example thru the circuit the 12ga wire could burn up and the breaker wont trip until it dead shorts if it ever dead shorts before your house is burned down also some breakers get damaged over time and stay locked into the on position and you can weld the copper wires to grounded steel and never open ive seen it in person its scary and replace breakers over time

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