Presidential BEEF, Difference of Light Technology

Do you ever wonder which light technology is best for consumers? Wonder no more because the future is bright! Get it?! BRIGHT!
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President's Speech From Sep 2019:
Light Color Temperature:
New LED Phosphor, Light Research Center:
On touching the Halogen Light:
A Report on Cold Street Lights resulting in low visibility:

By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


  1. ElectroBOOM

    ElectroBOOMPrije godine

    This is NOT A POLITICAL VIDEO!!! I'm a simple man... Also regarding Halogen light bulbs, it seems in countries with 240VAC they are designed such that their life is same or better than incandescent. In 120V of north America almost all I can see for halogen is half the life of incandescent for same power rating (make sure lamps run on same voltage and light output when comparing). In any case, I filled my table per my local values for my lamps, and some per my taste. you can always adjust the table values to your local numbers and taste and recalculate. LED still will get top point. and who cares if halogen scores a bit higher WHEN LED IS WAY HIGHER ANYWAY! and remember... THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL VIDEO!

  2. D Vinko

    D VinkoPrije mjesec

    I was gonna say; LED. Who the hell cares about incandescence or Halogen?

  3. Xulum12

    Xulum12Prije mjesec


  4. ArRoX

    ArRoXPrije mjesec

    you still use windows xp

  5. MattitYahu Ben Tzur

    MattitYahu Ben TzurPrije 3 mjeseci

    I got a bag full of lights for free; so, I use those.

  6. Tedasaurus rex

    Tedasaurus rexPrije 4 mjeseci

    as a reptile owner not being able to purchase halogen bulbs makes it very very hard for me. Because I can't purchase them where I live. I need the heat production of traditional incandescent bulbs to actually keep some of them.

  7. Major Tom

    Major TomPrije 2 dana

    So... Is it better to write in red pen ?

  8. Floof

    FloofPrije 3 dana

    0:30 "I always look orange" HAHAHA OMG there will never be another president like Trump

  9. Patric Schmid

    Patric SchmidPrije 3 dana

    i give every light a zero cause there is no arc visible

  10. Ogrim Todeshammer

    Ogrim TodeshammerPrije 3 dana

    I replaced my light bulbs with LEDs Most of them GX53 and they are still working the only room i could not replace with LEDs is my bathroom, when i go full Led in there it starts blinking. I think it is because the LED uses too little amount of electricity.

  11. Lukasha

    LukashaPrije 3 dana

    Hello, nice review !! Led is the best. But we should not forget about harmonic pollution due to non linear loads like LED's.

  12. Alyx Mitchell

    Alyx MitchellPrije 5 dana

    even a smart bulb is better, even if they cost like £50 they're definitely worth it cuz convenience plus they last like a few years

  13. Thecircutandgameguy101

    Thecircutandgameguy101Prije 6 dana

    he is using windows xp so +1000000 respect

  14. How to,s

    How to,sPrije 6 dana

    2:34 when the annoying kid finally breaks his neck:

  15. Aayush Sapra

    Aayush SapraPrije 6 dana

    And you can just repair led if you know soldering, by replacing the board, at just 15cents for 3w and 30 cents for 12 W

  16. Ruben W

    Ruben WPrije 7 dana

    "I'm a simple man, I see someone talk about electronics and I have to rectify it" I knew it, Mehdi has been a full bridge rectifier all along!

  17. midosscool

    midosscoolPrije 9 dana

    just joking ... 😂😂😂😂

  18. Vlados Johnson

    Vlados JohnsonPrije 9 dana

    Hmm, interesting political video

  19. W33d Senpai

    W33d SenpaiPrije 10 dana

    i love cfls they good

  20. Gamemode Creative

    Gamemode CreativePrije 10 dana

    6:32 using XP be like

  21. Wiktor Szymczak

    Wiktor SzymczakPrije 10 dana

    I have a use for cold lighting, every food looks awful in blue so put one in your kitchen and dining room.

  22. LVBBoi

    LVBBoiPrije 11 dana

    2:03 don't mind me

  23. Clockwork Kirlia

    Clockwork KirliaPrije 11 dana

    Brilliant! Really well-described.

  24. Peter Gerdes

    Peter GerdesPrije 12 dana

    Not fair to use price for dimmible LED and then give it .9 for non-dimmible. LEDs should rate even higher.. Tho the multiplication comes out of nowhere.

  25. The Robison

    The RobisonPrije 12 dana

    Technically he is stating his opinion with facts supporting it… political video

  26. Radosław Orłowski

    Radosław OrłowskiPrije 13 dana

    2:00 we like the video by random electrical discharge that happens as we run mouse above the like button. pure luck, or it is not...

  27. Ian Harris

    Ian HarrisPrije 15 dana

    Okay then can you explain that my grandad uses white LED lights because he suffers from migraines and warm LED lights make him have more migraines and that’s the same with my brother as well but that make him a psychopath? Because he uses white LED lights that’s a sort of blue like you said morgues and stuff uses?

  28. Blake McNamara

    Blake McNamaraPrije 16 dana

    There many not be a great logical argument for old forms of lighting but in my opinion, the aesthetics are so much better and thus we should keep using them. Nobody wants to have horribly bright lights in every home and on every street as it just ruins the quaintness of the night time. I personally hate how intrusive LED lights are. Plus, I must say that there really seems to be so much nonsense about the planet dying within the next ten years like Y2K. Old forms of light energy may take up more energy but maybe we should just start producing more energy to supplement. I don't need the government to tell me what types of light bulbs I can and cannot buy nor do I this guy. He's certainly very intelligent and very entertaining but he seems to assert his opinions as facts as many other people have a habit of doing nowadays.

  29. Skip xd

    Skip xdPrije 16 dana

    nice political video, its shocking that shock shocks me when i touch it.

  30. 원동진

    원동진Prije 17 dana

    So the CFL's Light spectrum was mess, and it was causing the tiredness of my eye when i using study lightstands.. even though it was really bright.

  31. S. Stewart

    S. StewartPrije 18 dana

    I haven't had great luck with household LEDs. Seems like auto manufacturers seem to have high quality, long-lasting LEDs, so how come I can't find any decent LEDs at the store for household use? I've started using halogens because I'm tired of wasting money on LEDs that don't last. I've used different brands and have had issues with all I've tried.

  32. FarmerDan 24

    FarmerDan 24Prije 19 dana

    This is a first. An ElectroBoom video where he doesn't electrocute himself.

  33. Lars lrs

    Lars lrsPrije 20 dana

    Those LEDs lack cyan which is very significant.

  34. David Eriksen

    David EriksenPrije 20 dana

    "The markets are flooded with these. G O O D."

  35. TheFlambeau

    TheFlambeauPrije 20 dana

    The orange guy 😂

  36. Frostie

    FrostiePrije 20 dana

    electroboom: "go warm or go home" me at home in my room with blue walls and white lights: " "


    Dr MUSELKOTRONPrije 21 dan

    Um I really hit the like button with a spasm like moment

  38. Cerberus

    CerberusPrije 22 dana

    I made a list of "mehdi" different lightbulbs

  39. Piezku

    PiezkuPrije 22 dana

    Was this political video?

  40. Jason Robley

    Jason RobleyPrije 23 dana

    Thanks, really made my day, I'm enjoying the science to humor ratio. I also dig the project comp!etion music. Quite entertaining, cool videos.

  41. Georgy Farniev

    Georgy FarnievPrije 23 dana

    Mehdi, what’s your opinion about filament led bulb? I think it’s a future of Led light.

  42. Abrahim Jilani

    Abrahim JilaniPrije 24 dana

    اول عربي😎 اوك

  43. Yovi Morales Morales

    Yovi Morales MoralesPrije 24 dana

    So... i liked this political video

  44. Pika Dude

    Pika DudePrije 25 dana

    ElectroBOOM: You can toutch the quartz you just have to be careful not to shake or TOUTCH it

  45. Souf Maro

    Souf MaroPrije 27 dana

    11:26 the price for a such light bulb was 6 cent (maybe even less in production cost) even if the price is now 10 $ or in this case 2 $ thats not a realistic value for such a bulb

  46. Rekar Style

    Rekar StylePrije 28 dana

    Hi sir thanks for posting such education videos by putting yourself in danger , please do care for yourself before attending any electronic experiment , sir i have a question which was not answered by my professor or by any youtubers and that was , "why LED's are connected in series in tube light's , why don't they just connect them parally for sustain for long time ." i request you to please give me answer on my question . thank you

  47. MrRagdoll94

    MrRagdoll94Prije 29 dana

    It seems like that I am a psychopath that needs to go home. Bright lights deppress me.

  48. Alejandro Chico

    Alejandro ChicoPrije mjesec

    yes LED are the future! i love them... but i dont love the companies make them so weak to temperature that breaks earlier than bulblight.

  49. Suraj Katowal

    Suraj KatowalPrije mjesec

    It still was a political video. You clearly show where you lean and only brainless consumer minded folks would buy your "It's not a political video". Long live NYT, yeah?

  50. daibhi seaghdha

    daibhi seaghdhaPrije mjesec

    your " aggressive " moments, I like, because they make me laugh with joy. and if I was as simple as you, I would be at least a thousand times cleverer than I am. Trump was okay until he opens his mouth, to proof how ignorant he is, and yet he had millions of people believing that he knew what he was talking about.

  51. B Bkr

    B BkrPrije mjesec

    Unfortunately it's not "just about science." The problem was that government pushed for CFL in the US which was made primarily by GE (whose CEO made sure to donate religiously to the obama admin and the obama admin rewarded with sweetheart deals). Great video as usual though.

  52. Sinora

    SinoraPrije mjesec

    0:46 based science

  53. Edwin Rodriguez

    Edwin RodriguezPrije mjesec

    The soft poppy concomitantly saw because letter postnatally level near a last condor. malicious, friendly pen

  54. mohawksniper79

    mohawksniper79Prije mjesec

    You should test the daylight LED light bulbs

  55. El Bigotes De La Tienda

    El Bigotes De La TiendaPrije mjesec

    Mehdi you're a GENIUS.

  56. Govind Sahota

    Govind SahotaPrije mjesec

    Thats why now Biden is president 😁

  57. smokedm420

    smokedm420Prije mjesec

    "I shouldn't be afraid to talk about science! It's about science!"... 1 yr later it still applies.

  58. Dmon !

    Dmon !Prije mjesec

    Trump is trash though

  59. gpgt1

    gpgt1Prije mjesec

    Look at the amp rating at the bottom of the CFL and then measure it yourself. It's consuming more than 13 watts

  60. PolyTicks

    PolyTicksPrije mjesec

    Gases in the atmosphere?! Stop being political! 😡 😊

  61. J. M. Pérez

    J. M. PérezPrije mjesec

    Trump needs his whole brain rectified! Like when he said he wanted to inject rubbing alcohol or put ultraviolet light under the skin in order to get rid of the corona virus 😂😂😂

  62. Sidney Robertson

    Sidney RobertsonPrije mjesec

    have 3 IKEA led lights that started flickering at one year

  63. Archana Bauddh

    Archana BauddhPrije mjesec

    You are live in amrican

  64. Dave N

    Dave NPrije mjesec

    4:10 Used by morgues, butcheries, and *PSYCHOS*

  65. NoamBlend

    NoamBlendPrije mjesec


  66. EmptySora_

    EmptySora_Prije mjesec

    No joke, I tried smashing the bulb of one of those LED lights (looks like I use the same ones as in the video based on how they look) to see what was in it and was wondering why the heck I couldn’t break it. Took me more than five minutes to realize, “Wait, idiot… it’s not glass! It’s plastic!” Hah. For some reason, the way the bulb would bounce every time I hit it entertained me immensely. It was like a lopsided ping pong ball.

  67. ElevatorMan5482

    ElevatorMan5482 Prije 8 dana

    LEDs are really the first light source that is solid state and not technically in bulb form.

  68. Zarglog

    ZarglogPrije mjesec

    Did you know that lamp developers started making lights worse by fault? I highly recommend you watch this one: It's from Veritasium so it's legit

  69. Zarglog

    ZarglogPrije mjesec

    @Haha what u gonna do now mfs Yeah true, but I mean in history, that's like 95% of them.

  70. Haha what u gonna do now mfs

    Haha what u gonna do now mfsPrije mjesec

    That applies to incandescent and halogen bubls though

  71. lepeuplevictorieux

    lepeuplevictorieuxPrije mjesec

    I'm quite sad, because, real consumption wasn't comparent between bulbs and in particulary, the électrical spectrum consumption, I remember, in our EMC course during my engineering studies. The incandescent light bulb was the purest bulb with a perfect 230V/50Hz (as french electrical grid), and the worst one, was the LED one,with tons of hamonics, due to the internal DC/DC converter needed for the Leds. As I know, the electrical harmonics are worst enemies of electrical grids. It was a very interesting video, and I learnt some things.

  72. Sirikin

    SirikinPrije mjesec

    Your 9's look as terrible as my... everything.

  73. Ali Hussain

    Ali HussainPrije mjesec

    "It's not about if I dislike the president, or not like him" LMFAO

  74. Rebecca Bynum

    Rebecca BynumPrije mjesec


  75. Chang Fong Chua

    Chang Fong ChuaPrije mjesec

    The idiotic crybaby trump thought that the new led light made him look orange while incandescent light don't? When incandescent light us the one that makes everyone look yellow. O .. perhaps that's it. He wants everyone to look orange, just like him. Idiocy needs to know some limit

  76. Stalker Incognito

    Stalker IncognitoPrije mjesec

    2:03 the best moment in da world

  77. Trey Celidonio

    Trey CelidonioPrije mjesec

    He had windows XP on that computer.

  78. Shrek In A Box

    Shrek In A BoxPrije 7 dana

    I noticed. My god.....

  79. D FizziL

    D FizziLPrije mjesec

    15k hours my a$$ perhaps the diode CAN last my dimmable led's need replacement almost as often if not more often than my incandescent. and you can tell me all day their benefits but if they break for whatever reason it still costs me more, i can't take just any led, they cost way more and break just as often

  80. D FizziL

    D FizziLPrije mjesec

    and plastic is less hazardous than glass?

  81. Christon Kenneth

    Christon KennethPrije mjesec

    Now I've got math to help convince people to use LEDs 😌

  82. Matthew R

    Matthew RPrije mjesec

    Incandescent bulbs and halogen also give off a lot of heat, so whatever they’re lighting up gets hotter. CFL bulbs are annoying since they take a minute to reach the maximum lumens it provides. Use LED.

  83. Bald PDEng

    Bald PDEngPrije mjesec

    I am confused. Is this a political video?

  84. Max

    MaxPrije mjesec

    Video dislikes are from trump supporters

  85. Termin80r

    Termin80rPrije mjesec

    “It’s not about if I dislike the president or not like him” true words of wisdom from mehdi

  86. Vladson

    VladsonPrije mjesec

    LED needs "driver", maybe LED have a lot of health in general, but those brake in a lot less than 2-3 kilo hours. When driver not bad, it gives LED more power than it can handle. I never seen any finished product (lightbulb, projector, etc / cheap or expensive) that worked for more than usual or halogen. Companies need to eat to You know.

  87. The_Dark_Jumper

    The_Dark_JumperPrije mjesec

    So I came back to watch this video again after buying LED lights with 6000K 4:06 "from 2700K [...] to 6000K being the coldest with most blue-ish tone used by morgues and butcheries and psychos" ... well, I don't live in a morgue, nor am I a butcher. So that must mean... *oh god*

  88. Agnij Mallick

    Agnij MallickPrije mjesec

    As someone who likes the 6000K lights, this video made me reconsider my life choices.

  89. Jenny Talbert

    Jenny TalbertPrije mjesec

    You actually made me lol around 4:15

  90. Alpha Bravo

    Alpha BravoPrije mjesec

    Maybe someone can answer this: I know LEDs can have some electric faults, but it seems to me like they aren't lasting as long as the package says. How much of an effect does local peak voltage and fixture quality have on the LED bulbs?

  91. ElevatorMan5482

    ElevatorMan5482 Prije mjesec

    Thing is most LED packages base their life on 3 hours of use per day. Almost everyone uses light bulbs nearly 4 times as long as that each day so that's 4 times less long

  92. OverZone

    OverZonePrije mjesec

    This is on purpose to increase bulb sales. Always assume they work at 60% or 80% their written lifespan

  93. Arman

    ArmanPrije mjesec

    Is ElectroBoom still using windows XP ?

  94. DocMeta

    DocMetaPrije mjesec

    I hate that calling out trump for lies and stupidity is somehow political

  95. 0isay

    0isayPrije mjesec

    Ok, *but:* LEDs flicker, no?

  96. 0isay

    0isayPrije mjesec

    @ElevatorMan5482 Cool, thanks!

  97. ElevatorMan5482

    ElevatorMan5482 Prije mjesec

    @0isay Most just use standard electrolytic capacitors

  98. 0isay

    0isayPrije mjesec

    @ElevatorMan5482 Electric capacitors, or are there sort of optical capacitors? Which would be awesome.

  99. ElevatorMan5482

    ElevatorMan5482 Prije mjesec

    The early ones did it the worst but the latest ones have capacitors that reduce this to >30%

  100. Gabriel Paddock

    Gabriel PaddockPrije mjesec

    6:30 In out in out, light death light death

  101. AverageJoe

    AverageJoePrije mjesec

    Trump hates everything that makes sense. He loves anything that helped his fossil fuels backers

  102. NOOB

    NOOBPrije mjesec


  103. Max Memestappen

    Max MemestappenPrije mjesec

    Still a better president than Joe Biden

  104. Joe C

    Joe CPrije mjesec

    @Pedro Henrique Eh Yes

  105. the_real_lord_ddd

    the_real_lord_dddPrije mjesec

    Ey stop no politics

  106. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro HenriquePrije mjesec

    Eh No

  107. shubham banyal

    shubham banyalPrije mjesec

    For those who are wondering LED is 120 times better than Halogen... i did the maths

  108. Martin Kjellstrand

    Martin KjellstrandPrije mjesec

    As a native Swede, "love" the russo-inspired version of our national anthem :D

  109. Shivesh Panthaloor

    Shivesh PanthaloorPrije 2 mjeseci


  110. ElevatorMan5482

    ElevatorMan5482 Prije mjesec


  111. KingBobXIV

    KingBobXIVPrije 2 mjeseci

    "I see someone talk about electronics, and I have to _rectify_ it!" Nice.

  112. ScarceOrange

    ScarceOrangePrije 2 mjeseci

    “I see someone talk about electronics and I have to rectify it” -> I laughed way harder than I should’ve

  113. Dragan Crnogorac

    Dragan CrnogoracPrije 2 mjeseci

    1:Incondesent was great. After some time burn out and get new one. 2; halogen; it was shit, it gives headache, save some electric but it was shit 3; LED; it's completely messed, some are good, some flickering, some die in 1 month, some start flickering, some change color to purple after a while. JUST STUPID SHIT and they cost arm and leg

  114. C.W.O

    C.W.OPrije 2 mjeseci

    Been using led for 6 years now and love my warm light and the cheaper electric bill 👍👍

  115. apple cider

    apple ciderPrije 2 mjeseci

    "go warm or go home" YES KING

  116. Kieran Brown

    Kieran BrownPrije 2 mjeseci

    LE :D

  117. curry

    curryPrije 2 mjeseci

    But the extra energy needed to drive the incandescent light bulb is not wasted, it heats up your room, which is a good thing no? Unless it's summer I guess

  118. Mohamed Osman

    Mohamed OsmanPrije 2 mjeseci

    "In other news, he actually has a neck"

  119. mllt

    mlltPrije 2 mjeseci


  120. strizzibua

    strizzibuaPrije 2 mjeseci

    8:30 "weve length" :}