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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Issue with LED Light Bulbs
0:43 KiwiCo Sponsor Segment
1:25 Testing the Failed LED Lightbulbs
10:35 KiwiCo Sponsor Segment


  1. 533 watts

    533 wattsPrije 15 sati

    My entire house use incandescent bulbs. I even pay for my neighbors incandescent bulbs. One neighbor had solar panels and I sabotaged them with black paint. Another had an EV vehicle that I corroded the charging port on. BWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  2. Ankylosis

    AnkylosisPrije 2 dana

    wear glasses to save your eyes lol

  3. TG Music

    TG MusicPrije 3 dana

    someday you really need to make a compilation video of every time you've shocked yourself.

  4. Patea Fanai

    Patea FanaiPrije 4 dana

    Damn... His daughter is so pretty unlike his father .. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. David Bak skaarup

    David Bak skaarupPrije 5 dana


  6. David Bak skaarup

    David Bak skaarupPrije 5 dana

    I love your videos keep up the good work

  7. Kam500

    Kam500Prije 6 dana

    BTW light bulb company's have a max time they make the bulbs last so the break/burnout so they get more money. Ther is a firestation that has a light that has bend on for years ther is a video I watched a while back and I can rember much about it. the light bulb i was talking about is Centennial Light

  8. Johnny Nimble

    Johnny NimblePrije 6 dana

    Did they modify STEM to shoehorn art in?

  9. Psiloxylo

    PsiloxyloPrije 6 dana

    I don´t have this problem with philips bulbs.

  10. 1so Static

    1so StaticPrije 6 dana

    Foool Breeege Receeeeefier

  11. alec grant

    alec grantPrije 8 dana

    have you seen the Philips Dubai only led lights? they know how to make good lights but don't as they need people to need to buy replacements to keep up their profits

  12. TODOR Brassmonger Wenkov

    TODOR Brassmonger WenkovPrije 9 dana

    That's product makers say save Earth without think where all this junk will go.

  13. FenixFyrehart

    FenixFyrehartPrije 10 dana

    I have a 3 LED bulb set that costs ₹100 but all of them are good quality. Sometimes prices don't represent quality.

  14. Re Ar

    Re ArPrije 10 dana

    4:41 lol always a fan of *Fuul bridge rectifier*..😂

  15. Steven Piggott

    Steven PiggottPrije 10 dana

    Him explain how the led works 99% of us not understanding a single thing


    MANDAR BAMANEPrije 11 dana

    0:53 Electrocute assembled these in the recent video :D

  17. nomor Dua

    nomor DuaPrije 11 dana

    Jir, naknya om mehdi cantik uga😂

  18. Troll Worthy Trucker

    Troll Worthy TruckerPrije 12 dana

    Thanks for the tips.

  19. Bruzzun Ath'tuch

    Bruzzun Ath'tuchPrije 12 dana

    Welcome to the stupid lightbulb conspiracy... basically, the people that made light bulbs wanted to increase profit, so they made them last shorter.

  20. David Hugill

    David HugillPrije 12 dana

    If the LED's cost $$'s and the old-fashioned incandescents cost c's, doesn't that say something about the cost & environmental impact (and carbon intensity) of LED's? I resent having the choice taken away from me. I *have* replaced my high duty cycle lights with LEDs (and taken several back for replacement after disappointingly quick failure) but for others, replacing one infrequently used incandescent with another (while I still have stash of contraband) is more economical, whichever way you look at it.

  21. Nang San Tip Sam

    Nang San Tip SamPrije 12 dana

    Hahahaha what the f**k ......... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  22. k.prem kumar

    k.prem kumarPrije 13 dana

    hi sir how are you

  23. Sajjad Besharati

    Sajjad BesharatiPrije 16 dana

    اگر همه این کلیپ هات رو فارسی حرف میزدی میلیون ها ادم از ایران و افغانستان و تاجیکستان دعاگو و فالو بودن باهات...ولی تو یه ظالمی بخداااا

  24. WJCTechyman

    WJCTechymanPrije 17 dana

    I learned with lego technic and dabbling in electronics and electrical systems over the years, but the little kits that are your sponsor makes me think of Heathkits that I have heard about from my Dad and other people of his generation.

  25. Lantuak

    LantuakPrije 17 dana

    planned obsolescence...

  26. Shri Jina Tassar

    Shri Jina TassarPrije 17 dana

    Plot twist he wears rubber slippers

  27. Radosław Orłowski

    Radosław OrłowskiPrije 19 dana

    Warranty means you can replace 2$ light bulb for free, you just need to pay 15$ for shipping. And they will send it back on your cost, saying it's user damage. I know, I have a lamp that burned one per month. I asked for warranty replacement after 3 packs did not last 1 season.

  28. Gar Suitor

    Gar SuitorPrije 19 dana

    You *could* just blame it on the Chinesium…. But, a great many of the ‘GOOD’ LED bulbs also come from China. So, it would seem that the problem is related to building items to a price. They are built to sell for a certain price, and everyone in the chain from digging the materials out of the ground, to ringing the cash register has to make a profit. To get lamps that sell for a dollar, you must cut every corner that science enables you to cut. The result is, lamps in which the devices are driven too hard, and therefore, too hot. Heat will destroy the weakest component in the mix. In the failed lamps that I have examined, that is usually one of the LEDs. I’ve never seen a current regulator fail. The current is usually set by a pair of resistors in parallel. If you clip one of them off (The smallest resistance value) you will greatly reduce the current used, without a tremendous difference in light output, and will extend the life of even the ‘cheapies’ by a large amount. This, of course, is something that should only be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Over-driven LEDs, and inadequate heat sinking is the cause for the failure of the cheapies.

  29. Sid Tiwari

    Sid TiwariPrije 19 dana

    in my country led gves 1 year warranty but in my own house i saw 5 year old led still working

  30. Ibrahim Musa wakili

    Ibrahim Musa wakiliPrije 20 dana

    My real MVP goes to q5cyber she's just like a magician I really appreciate everything you did

  31. Samy Gabriel

    Samy GabrielPrije 20 dana

    1:52 *cable gun shots*

  32. Jacob

    JacobPrije 22 dana

    His last words are going to be now let’s plug it in

  33. Jehuel Angcao

    Jehuel AngcaoPrije 22 dana

    Remember Mehdi's daughter? This is her now. Feel old yet?

  34. Random 4400

    Random 4400Prije 23 dana


  35. Random 4400

    Random 4400Prije 23 dana


  36. Harsh Awasthi

    Harsh AwasthiPrije 23 dana

    I understood everything except 'how does the water get inside those bulbs'🙄

  37. TheAgentDeus

    TheAgentDeusPrije 24 dana

    Actually funny thing is that no-brand aliexpress LED's are working still (over 7 years) and Osrams died in one year. Real long-lasting ones are actually available only in Arabs

  38. R373N

    R373NPrije 24 dana

    I still use an LED bulb I bought in 2013 for $10 CAD for a single bulb and half of the bulb shape is the driver.

  39. Brendan

    BrendanPrije 26 dana

    STEAM? Why..

  40. Jack mill

    Jack millPrije 29 dana

    There is a light that last forever its in a fire station but the big LED company's use low quality things so they go out faster and make you spend your money on their light company its all a scam you could probably make one

  41. Jack mill

    Jack millPrije 29 dana

    Well all light Company's

  42. FashionKiler

    FashionKilerPrije 29 dana

    i cannot express how much i adore and wish the best for ElectroBOOM, jesus

  43. XGamer_2.0

    XGamer_2.0Prije mjesec

    Oh btw my whole family uses incandescent bulbs but all my lights are RGB led strips or led bulbs and I have a RGB remote controllable led bulb

  44. juoig7799

    juoig7799Prije mjesec

    1:31 10k hours is 13.699 months, for reference.

  45. I am Legend

    I am LegendPrije mjesec

    I think these are the defective bulbs that come in probability chapter

  46. PODO DAS

    PODO DASPrije mjesec



    DVGSIBLNTHEPrije mjesec

    The reason why will shock you and they know how to make them last but they dont last because if they did last they will be breaking a thing similar to a contract that is over 100 years old and that Phillips learned a very long time ago that if the lights last for long they lose money because people will buy and eventually they wont need them anymore and stop buying as much so they lose money. Well the contract was really a cartel in the 1930s but still keep making them so they don't last. But the cartel eventually fell apart so yeah they do it for the money.

  48. Gulshan Prashar

    Gulshan PrasharPrije mjesec

    You should not use kits because they make your children dumb by making them joining the pieces but not making the pieces

  49. SecurityDivision

    SecurityDivisionPrije mjesec

    Electric tape shall not be in ElectroBoom's house :D

  50. Prije mjesec

    24K gold plated banana award

  51. Sur Som Satan

    Sur Som SatanPrije mjesec

    I can't remember when a light died on me last time.. 5+ years? Clearly I'm getting the good shit.

  52. j jj

    j jjPrije mjesec

    American advertising is soooo fake america ads suck

  53. Caipa

    CaipaPrije mjesec

    IP44 waterproof. They did no lie XD

  54. Alex McRae

    Alex McRaePrije mjesec

    why does his daughter have a Persian accent and not a Canadian accent wtf

  55. Alex McRae

    Alex McRaePrije mjesec

    @Arya ye I know but u would adopt the same accent of the place ur born or live in. especially with the youth. BTW my name also is Arya

  56. Arya

    AryaPrije mjesec

    Her father is persian

  57. jayden ritchie

    jayden ritchiePrije mjesec


  58. TheRealSkele

    TheRealSkelePrije mjesec

    Some of the "manufacturers" use rebranding when they buy cheap LEDs from Ali put them in a package (which is probably also from Ali) and sell them at a, in worst cases, 10 times value. They get through with it by giving the warranty. I noticed this when I worked as a supplier. Most of the items I found in stores were from Ali.

  59. Koldunasisnorfos

    KoldunasisnorfosPrije mjesec

    4:15 "rule#3469420" you sneaky barstard

  60. Kieran Brown

    Kieran BrownPrije mjesec

    Me making a manufacturer mad: Shorts it and returns it constantly to break their bank account.

  61. Suesue

    SuesuePrije mjesec

    Me: For goodness sakes, use a resistor! ElecrtoBoom: Ow! Now we can just probe around the resistor... Me: Oh ElecrtoBoom: Ow.....! Ow! Me: 😧

  62. T.F Block

    T.F BlockPrije mjesec

    8:09 !!!!

  63. T.F Block

    T.F BlockPrije mjesec

    5:00 ...from the data sh*t

  64. T.F Block

    T.F BlockPrije mjesec

    1:22 haha

  65. marlimon77

    marlimon77Prije mjesec

    "Designed obsolescence" and/or poor design/quality.

  66. DreamCat04

    DreamCat04Prije mjesec

    How old is his Daughter? She looks like 12 or so

  67. pOOpy Harlow

    pOOpy HarlowPrije mjesec

    8:17 even the graph is showing us middle finger XD

  68. Richard Lighthouse

    Richard LighthousePrije mjesec

    Time to harvest those broken led strips and make a god light bulb that doesn't die because each led strip is slightly underpowered.

  69. Bicycle workshop

    Bicycle workshopPrije mjesec

    I was able to significantly prolong the cheap LED bulb life by relapsing it's LED by more durable/quality ones. New LEDs can handle more current -> operates not in max current -> lives a lot longer. Resoldering process is very easy when you use a "LED Lamp Remover Station Heating Plate" from aliexpress: 4$ :) Some of my LED bulbs are operational for about 5 years (indoor everyday use on a kitchen ~3/hours a day)

  70. the walrus U.S

    the walrus U.SPrije mjesec

    for thoes outdoor ones how hard can it be to install a rubber gasket like why

  71. Gert Kriel

    Gert KrielPrije mjesec

    I thought those led lights were for looks because they look cool i love if they have a bunch of yellow lines inside it looks cool

  72. Jero maruzzo

    Jero maruzzoPrije mjesec

    I saw a monkey on the tree. Struggling and getting mad because he can't press... SEE MORE...

  73. Jero maruzzo

    Jero maruzzoPrije mjesec

    The problem is on the ground.

  74. Kokainarienv0gel

    Kokainarienv0gelPrije mjesec

    im still sticking to CFL lights.... much better when it comes to lifetime. Some i use are already 12 years and older and have easily 10k+ hours on it. Meanwhile even expensive LEDs failed after 1-2 years easily.

  75. Mir Md Nasif

    Mir Md NasifPrije mjesec

    In the thumbnail it looks like gargamel.

  76. Cicirifu

    CicirifuPrije mjesec

    STEAM? When did Art become part of STEM? The whole point of STEM is that it involves the exact sciences. Art is like the total opposite.

  77. Daryl Kehl

    Daryl KehlPrije mjesec

    Every time he gets shocked I feel it.

  78. FrostMonolith

    FrostMonolithPrije mjesec

    that KiwiCO speedup is never to be expected, I had a good day afterwards.

  79. Mr. Shark Puppet

    Mr. Shark PuppetPrije mjesec

    1:23 how you do that edit

  80. Dave H

    Dave HPrije mjesec

    Osram, and Osram only.

  81. RainBoxRed

    RainBoxRedPrije mjesec

    Rule 34-69-420. Checkmate.

  82. Bamdad Alimahmoodi

    Bamdad AlimahmoodiPrije mjesec

    داش ایرانی هستی؟؟؟


    PAKISTANI TECHPrije mjesec

    Your are very energetic man so your experiment are good but after experiment used safety gloves 🧤 and wood and ruber shoes

  84. BoGy

    BoGyPrije mjesec

    to get warranty ALWAYS make a copy of your cash-register-ticket (proof of purchase) and put that in the BOX of your leds, so you'll always have it near you when you might need it. then contact the seller about the issue, he'll ask you for that ticket or invoice. In europe only 2 obligatory first years are for the reseller, all longer warranty you'll need to contact the manufacturer's helpdesk. (i guess in US there is the mandatory 90days warranty (damn, that's only 3 months... sooo litlle) where you can go to the reseller/vendor, later on you have to contact the manufacturer.)

  85. Samantha Hinsch

    Samantha HinschPrije mjesec


  86. no one

    no onePrije mjesec

    They cant make a 10year warranty on a 30$ bulb

  87. _ CJEMM5D _

    _ CJEMM5D _Prije mjesec

    2:03 I think if Mehdi was a Pokemon, his name would be Owshitfuck...

  88. Meep Changeling

    Meep ChangelingPrije mjesec

    Also, don't buy ORANGE FUCKING LIGHTS!

  89. RegularGermanShepherd

    RegularGermanShepherdPrije mjesec

    0:59 Beld haha i love Mehdi's accent

  90. Gone 004

    Gone 004Prije mjesec

    Just remove the stupid glass and make a hull water and finger proof with some air flow or a heatsink. For most indoor applications you don't need much protection, a stainless steel mesh wrapped around and connected to ground should make it safe. Also it's way more efficient in a low voltage direct current system like a car. If I made a house electrical system, I'd probably run a 12 volts DC system for the lights, power it with some 12V batteries connected to a wind turbine on the roof. Free light. You could get parts for cheap, just use a car alternator.

  91. life1 system

    life1 systemPrije mjesec

    🙄 bad LED is more pollution of the environment. in Industry and in rubbish.

  92. paul poco

    paul pocoPrije mjesec

    Why do I laugh so hard when you get zapped?

  93. kiddhkane

    kiddhkanePrije mjesec

    Damn. And here I thought I'm stupid and I can't use a lightbulb properly. Turns out that the warrany means nothing. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  94. henrey

    henreyPrije mjesec

    In case anyone is curious. The reason most lights stop working after a short amount of time is because they're supposed to. Their lifespans are kept artificially short so that you buy more in the future; because even very early commercially available light bulbs had incredibly long life-spans. This is demonstrated as the longest continuously running light is a lightbulb currently at a fire station that has been running since 1901.

  95. Manash Saha

    Manash SahaPrije mjesec

    I don't understand how on earth water gets into your light bulbs Do you use your light bulbs under water I mean that would be weird for others but I don't know your case.

  96. Dr. J. A. LAGHARI

    Dr. J. A. LAGHARIPrije mjesec

    Wow amazing video discussing the important facts in easy way.

  97. Flexos

    FlexosPrije mjesec

    the moral of the story: write bad reviews on bad lightbulbs 😂

  98. Lilly like da flower

    Lilly like da flowerPrije mjesec

    Electrocute got older so quick now I feel ancient lol It freaked me out to realize Bowie died 5 years ago 🥺

  99. Funny roks

    Funny roksPrije mjesec

    He is very awesome really, I'm huge fan of yours. I have got a lot of knowledge about electricity and electrical appliances and i really like the electrical engineer's🙂☺. Love you India sir

  100. i2eye

    i2eyePrije mjesec

    They purposely make them obsolete in a short time so they won't go out of business.

  101. i2eye

    i2eyePrije mjesec

    Google up, Phoebus cartel

  102. A person who never keeps mouth shut

    A person who never keeps mouth shutPrije mjesec

    It dies because of overheating as there is no heatsink connected to LEDs Here's tip:collect working leds and connect all of em in parallel and connect it with boost converter so that you can use it with 12v battery where electricity is unavailable

  103. Ryan Steele

    Ryan SteelePrije mjesec

    LED's are meant to last a lot longer then 10k hours. Its a deliberate design flaw to keep making money off you. Where is the profit to make an LED last as long as its supposed to, you're whole life, and never need another bulb again.

  104. Chemistry of Questionable Quality

    Chemistry of Questionable QualityPrije 2 mjeseci

    Engineered obsolescence