Is 5G Spelling Our DOOM?! How EM Waves Can Hurt

With 5G upon us, there are tons of worries and controversies around it. Is 5G dangerous?
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


  1. ElectroBOOM

    ElectroBOOMPrije godine

    Hello BOOMers! As they say, only death and taxes are certain! So make sure to peer review. I'll add the good points here. - Remember AGAIN, at ANY frequency if the energy is high enough it can hurt you at least with tissue heating, which can lead to other complications or maybe indirectly to cancer. That's why all transmissions are limited to very low energy that can do nothing. - Long exposure to sun light's UV-A and UV-B, although not ionizing but because of sheer volume and higher frequency and energy, causes tanning and sun burn. Those cause side effects that can lead to cancer, like accelerated aging of skin cells. - 5G wireless range is pretty short, see MKBHD's video: - I'm hearing from a bunch of people that 5G effects the oxygen level in air or body for some reason?! HOW?! oxygen molecule (O2) is non-polarized, so no electrical imbalance in it to interact with EM waves. H2O in microwave oven interacts with 2.4GHz because it is polarized. Which hoax paper talked about this nonsense?! Just because people yell wrong things doesn't make them right! unless there is a very legitimate test report... SHOW ME! - one more good point: light shining on plants can break molecules and store light energy in plants through photosynthesis. So... can light at lower frequency ionize? Now I'm not familiar with how plants work, but I can assume light does it indirectly. For example, visible light can generate electricity through a solar-cell and that electricity can be used to break water molecules into gasses. You can do all sort of magic with electricity like run a Tesla Coil! So light energy at any frequency can be processed to do other things, but at lower than UV frequencies can't directly break molecules.

  2. TheTrueKingOfSpace

    TheTrueKingOfSpacePrije mjesec

    lol you expect people who are too stupid to turn on their computer to understand things like science?

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    digital subliminal messagesPrije mjesec

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    Are boomers still alive? All the boomers in my family tree died years ago...

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    Thank you @ElectroBOOM for the share, hertz patadynamic frequencies

  6. Andy - SV1DKD

    Andy - SV1DKDPrije 5 mjeseci

    Hi Mehdi, when you get a chance I invite you to watch & review the lecture "The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" by Dr Devra Davis at the University of Melbourne, video here Too me after watching the whole lecture it seems that the jury is still out on the issue (especially when it comes to pulsed vs cw EMF)

  7. ranjith.p Aqua

    ranjith.p AquaPrije 17 sati

    That is why india didn't upgrade to 5g.

  8. Jonathan prescott

    Jonathan prescottPrije 2 dana

    really late here...but anyone else notice that when their phone switches to 5G that its WAYYYY slower than the 4G networks? or is it just cause i live in a small city?

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    Mehdi: what you don't take no for an answer? Also Mehdi: I like you Me who accepted everything he said: *Sad fan noise intensifies*


    WILLIAM HOLDENPrije 3 dana

    Big mistake at 12.00 chart is shown in reverse,UV is 400 nm and IR is 700 nm.

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    Glen OsbornePrije 3 dana

    government is a religious dark cult based entirely in violence and coercion and should be abandoned.

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    4G And 5g creating insomnia problems. And many harms . Just observe while it rain, your signals gets weakened . Why ! Because these 4g and 5g waves are being absorbed by water . Creates heating effect similarly in our body as more then 70% is water . Boils your cells . Drains your energy. This youtubers is extraSmart .

  15. राहुल शर्मा

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    👍 exposing skin tissue to welding flash ( tig or mig ) is dangerous ? Right

  16. Evolover

    EvoloverPrije 5 dana

    It's not about if it effects organics. It's about how it effects organics that have heavy metals.. Our foods are full of heavy metals these days, and they are spraying silver oxide, aluminum and other things in the sky that we breathe in. This is linked to alzheimer's. Then they put EDTA in our soaps and sauces that we rub into our bodies and consume. It's a METAL BINDER.

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    thank god you're debunking stuff rather than fear mongering of these things

  21. Eelco Hoogendoorn

    Eelco HoogendoornPrije 7 dana

    Not particularly worried about 5G myself; but the narrative that the only way EM radiation can influence organisms is through heat or ionisation is flawed. If I stimulate a neuron using an alternating EM wave, am I heating on ionizing? Neither, of course. Not saying it will cause cancer or anything; but neuronal stimulation is sufficiently complex that its harder to prove that it cannot have unintended consequences. So ok; ionization, heating, or neural stimulation. But thats it, right? So when a bird navigates and lands in the right place on the planet by interacting with the magnetic field... is it using a mechanism involving heat, or ions or neural stimulation? Well... None of the above. (most humans can sense the direction of the magnetic field too btw!) Given how complex biology is, the best way to prove the safety of 5G is to... empirically study the effects of 5G radiation. Reasoning from theoretical models of the physics of biology is nice and all, but when your theory already fails when trying to explain some everyday phenomenon like pigeons, it isnt going to have a lot of convincing power to the skeptics.

  22. Helge Johnsen

    Helge JohnsenPrije 7 dana

    5G scary or not my be pending on knowledge and how many fear mongers whit no clue one has listen to, they often have read some partial info and filled in the blanks them self and made there own theory in to fact. Then you have the fanatics that can`t understand any other input than what they have managed to cook up them self . So often the morale is if you don`t understand or know the Hate breaker is activated. And it gets even worse if some religion some how get into the mix then some random person properly get burned on the stake. Humans in flock are dumb and easy to manipulate even to day. " Same shit Just an other DAY"

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    fck humans, the 5G towers have a huge impact on the life of birds .

  24. Thought Patterns

    Thought PatternsPrije 8 dana

    @ElectroBOOM, please listen to a man named "Barrie Trower". he is old man from british royal navy. he will tell you otherwise.

  25. Mr Boom

    Mr BoomPrije 8 dana

    EU Reflex study shows DNA damage caused by radiation from wireless devices and mobile phones

  26. ALPHA_sh

    ALPHA_shPrije 9 dana

    is high frequency internet safe? yes the question i want to debate though is high frequency internet, which doesnt penetrate through obstacles as well, a practical choice for use in internet communication? or are you better off just using huge bands of the same lower frequencies some higher frequencies can literally require a direct line of sight between the device and the node or router, which is not always the best thing for coverage and reliability in a network, which is why 5g is usually 28 to 39, not usually in the hundreds

  27. Eng2000

    Eng2000Prije 9 dana

    Fact is you were never meant to live in a ocean of electromagnetic waves till you die. Professor time will tell all tales, evidence and readoning are all under proffessor time that God put under all science. He is the ultimate revealer of truth, only then the scientist or engineer can report back based on what time reveals. All inventions of men has been known to change their behaviour with enough time. Time makes us wise, time brings forth more and more goodies of information. Fresh air around you is all that you need.

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    Its times like this that I'm glad I was required to take radiation health for my career so now I can tell conspiratorial morons how wrong they are

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    If the 60 GHz frequency band is widely known to disrupt Oxygen molecules, how much power is necessary before it becomes dangerous enough to disrupt the human ability to breath?

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    One of the mechanisms the cell has before controlled death is repair. There are automatic error checking and repair mechanisms that activate to try and repair the error. Only when error correction is not possible does the cell begin programmed death - apoptosis.

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  65. Stefan Bachrodt

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    DID YOU KNOW: The total amount of power required to transmit just 1 GB of data is approximately 5 kWh!!!! Yes, you read that right, 5 kWh - for just 1 GB!!!! Read more about it here ->

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    This story reminds me of a time when doctors promoted smoking as healthy. After some time, however, they found that people die a slow and painful death because of it. Obviously, we’re going to have to test it on ourselves to find out if 5G is really harmful or not. The problem is that scientists and experts often identify themselves with people who know everything and are infallible. They forget, however, that they are only human beings who are not immune to their bias, ego, ignorance, and bribery. On the other hand, people blindly follow them because they like intellectually elaborate terms and like to feel smart. Besides that, people really like instant results, but sometimes you just have to wait. I'll wait. Don't want to play the role of a guinea pig, but you can do it if you don't have any doubts :)

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    Hello viewers, Please share this video with your friends and relatives. We need to stop people from the misunderstanding that 5G is fatal. It is a revolutionary technology. Thanks. Also, thanks to Mehdi sir for helping me clear the misunderstanding.

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    You did not mentioned the issues are initialed to the Hormon system and the enzymatic system by rf radiation. I might go back on the table and enlarge your survey. Did you already heard what 60ghz does to the o2 molecules? There studies which show that in that case the rf radiation modifies the o2 molecules in that way that you body is no longer able to resorb it...

  76. Zajuxima

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    Magnetic Resonance Imaging concepts aside, what is the resonant frequency such that the platelets in your blood don't uptake oxygen? 63.86 Mega Hertz can heat you up, anyone who has had an MRI can tell you this. You've not heard of directed energy weapons>?

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  142. David Lall

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    7:51 Omg! Spotted a fellow Louis CK fan! Good taste ElectroBOOM!

  143. AP Singh

    AP SinghPrije mjesec

    11:04 "What's UP?" 😁

  144. Sundar Subramaniyan

    Sundar SubramaniyanPrije mjesec

    After we have used up all available Radio frequencies and visible frequencies, next is to create suits that we can wear to get protection from ionising radiations

  145. YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර

    YTshashmeera ශශ්මීරPrije 23 dana

    We're never gonna use visible frequencies for sending gigabytes of info lol