ELECTRIC VEHICLES & My Tesla Model 3 Review

I FINALLY bought my first Electric Vehicle (EV) and it happens to be a Tesla Model 3! So, let’s look at EV cars in general and see if this Tesla thing is any good.
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

0:00 Look What I Bought!
0:53 Why to by an Electric Vehicle
3:36 Why I bought a Tesla Model 3
5:54 Testing Tesla’s Collision Avoidance
6:48 Test Drive the Tesla and Self-Driving
10:19 Regenerative Braking and Travel Range
13:25 Price of Gas Compared to Electricity
14:33 Charging an Electric Vehicle
16:34 Final Thoughts on Tesla’s Properties


  1. Targetted Opportunity

    Targetted OpportunityPrije dan

    yes, in future everything should be running on electricity.

  2. LakoJake

    LakoJakePrije dan


  3. Yusi

    YusiPrije 2 dana

    nice new electric vakel

  4. batvanio

    batvanioPrije 2 dana

    And I'm for electric cars, although this one can't be compared to the original one that Tesla invented. In his, if I remember correctly, there was some kind of battery or something like that because it was not clear what it was with which the car could move without a break at 100 km / h for a whole week. This is roughly 20,000 kilometers. About 50 times more than the one invented so many years later.

  5. ColdBlood157

    ColdBlood157Prije 2 dana

    The thing with ACC is that it only recognizes moving obstacles like a moving car (and also maintains recognition when the car stops) but it doesnt recognize stationary stuff like the box or the wall so that the car wont brake when taking a turn, for example.

  6. Ringooo Ringooo

    Ringooo RingoooPrije 2 dana

    self driving only free for 3 months???

  7. DarkerfoxTech

    DarkerfoxTechPrije 3 dana

    The cost of running will go up as more cars are introduced. Also rolling blackouts.

  8. Harish Sivaramakrishnan

    Harish SivaramakrishnanPrije 3 dana

    Mehdi: 0:04 - “haa yee ooh aaah haa ey ooh ooh ooh” Again Mehdi: 0:57 - “I’m not a car person and I won’t drool over it”

  9. flymeetspaddle

    flymeetspaddlePrije 4 dana

    that 10mm will always get you haha


    DEBAYAN MAJUMDARPrije 4 dana

    I watch this video many times 😂😂😂

  11. splittieful

    splittiefulPrije 5 dana


  12. Sparrow

    SparrowPrije 6 dana

    13:30 One quick point, gasoline(and diesel) cars have engine braking and when you engine brake you don't use gas (with cars from the last 2/3 decades)

  13. Ramadika Ismanto

    Ramadika IsmantoPrije 6 dana

    1:04 As a petrolhead, I'm offended, but I understand your viewpoint

  14. J Karra

    J KarraPrije 6 dana

    Theres no reason to count just how much you save for 100km... Counting how much owning car costs per km is the only way. And i can tell If you count very very expensive car +all other costs + depreciation driving newer EV is just dumb.🤭 My old Audi A2 1.2tdi has averaged consuption of under 4 liters/100km(60mpg)and in freeway speeds it goes even further, over 75mpg(3liters /100km) And car is basicly worth maybe 4K€ .that + insurance and upkeep costs are like 14€ sents(17$ cents US, 20$ cents CAN) per km annyally.that includes fuel, insurance,services with averaged km per year being ~10.000kms

  15. Aravinth Tamil

    Aravinth TamilPrije 6 dana

    First person to give me the drawbacks of Tesla.

  16. The Stig

    The StigPrije 8 dana

    Cars are more than tools. And if cars even are "tools", you enjoy your tools why can't other people enjoy their tools.

  17. Duderobi Patschie

    Duderobi PatschiePrije 8 dana

    13:35 when you drive right you use Not a drop gasoline/diesel driving donwhill.

  18. Fawwaz Alshareef

    Fawwaz AlshareefPrije 10 dana

    The ultra fast processor you are asking for would require more energy further limiting the range. It’s a transportation tool not a home theater :)

  19. Venomorph

    VenomorphPrije 10 dana

    why dont you change the display processor sir? :D

  20. make mugen

    make mugenPrije 10 dana

    Intel athlon... 🤣

  21. 1so Static

    1so StaticPrije 10 dana

    EV cars put MORE pollution into the environment. Its just shifting the problem

  22. N20

    N20Prije 11 dana

    1:38 no it should all be running on petrol like the GT-R

  23. Jim K

    Jim KPrije 12 dana

    If it's so great, why does the government need to steal our money to help the rich buy expensive toys?

  24. Damian Pulido

    Damian PulidoPrije 13 dana

    My truck has more than a 500 mile range and takes less than 15 min to fill up lol no hate though I love your channel!! The self driving made me way more nervous for you then actually driving has ever made me lol

  25. LP Isa

    LP IsaPrije 14 dana

    9:36 I remember Mr. bean Suddenly lol 😆

  26. Beekei Patel

    Beekei PatelPrije 14 dana

    Tesla model 3 be like: don't do any experiment with me 🙄 I said no

  27. lucas ribeiro

    lucas ribeiroPrije 15 dana

    sadly here in Brazil this technology is to much expensive and we dont have structure to have this kind of car here, cause we have no place to charge it

  28. Salih İncecayır

    Salih İncecayırPrije 15 dana


  29. Stilg1301

    Stilg1301Prije 15 dana

    Also Mehdi you with all due respect lack some automotive knowledge. Going downhill in petrol car you dont burn any fuel (assuming you are going down in gear and engine breaking). UNLESS we are talking cars older than early 90s, that have carburetors .. then yea... but seriously any car since then with MPi / GDI (electronically controlled fuel injection) will just stop fuel and engine is just "air pump". Additionally comparision of costs of running petrol and EV cars is really not fair when you compared heavy taxed petrol (here where I live OVER 50% of the cost of petrol is tax) and untaxed (with the extra tax) electricity. Government won't say good bye to these money (as they would have to grab em elsewhere) and so clearly this is not comparison that can be stand its ground thru out time. At some point (if EVs get mainstream) special tax to compensate what the petrol Tax brought will be added in one way or another. Some countries already started doing this in a way... So to be fair you'd have to cut petrol costs in HALF. On top of that you are omitting the charger loses. Which while not massive, are still about some sources claiming ~9%, others going as high as 12-15%!. I.e. to charge 54 KWh, you will need ~ 60KWh. You can do better than this - what I usually like about your vids is that you dont blindly side. And really? 10 liters pet 100 kmh... in a modern car? Really? The EV can show its benefits even without such silly exageration and bias. Modern petrol car will easily go for 5-6 l/100 when going efficiently (90-110 km/h constant speed you can actually dip below 5...) Sure city traffic or going faster drains it more (but on the other hand going really fast in EV literally halfs the range) but assuming anything more than 7.5 l per 100 in modern car is stupid and biased. So more realistic comparision would be: 60KWh x ~ lower of average power cost = 6.5 USD 6.5 (l / 100) x 3 (300km) x 1.4 (usd per l) = 27.3 USD. half of that is extra tax, real petrol cost = 13.65 USD So yea, EV is ~ half the "fuel" costs. And thats what most reasonable calculations come down to. Totally off your numbers.

  30. Stilg1301

    Stilg1301Prije 15 dana

    I just don't get why ppl keep selling this "EV's have almost none maintenance" nonsense. Neither das a petrol car, for the first half a decade. Sure, oil every 2 years , brake pads if you drive alot, but as for the "feared" maintenance .. not really. That stuff comes gradually with the age, as the life of the various consumables depletes and stuff ages. Around 10 years is a good mark where some more serious maintenace is usually needed... and from that on, unless you "do it all" it will just pop every now and then... EVs being still relativelly new, most of them are still in the "new" phase. But there are Tesla S owners who already went thru MULTIPLE drivetrains... sure thats prolly just due to defects and not expected lifespan but still.. Anyway my point is that there are many systems on EV that will require basically the same maintenance as regular car. Sure you dont have the engine / transmission and exhaust / intake bits to worry much about... but ask yourself, is that really the only / majority of car maintenance? Not really. Suspension work (control arms, bushing, bearings on top mounts, ball joints, car dampers, springs... those are generally identical and will require same maintenance .. if not more due to higher weight. Wheel bearings... same deal. Steering - tie rods, and tie rod ends, steering rack. EPS (electronic Power steering) all the same and the maintenance will be the same. Window regulators, Door locks, wheel arches, headlights ...all that stuff is prone to same maintenance as petrol car. A/C is very similar and will require same / similar service. etc. etc. All the plastic bits that can break, charging port etc Tires... teslas are known to go thru sets of tires actually really fast... brake service might be less often if you use regen alot but will be still there. Sure, there is less of the "small regular stuff", but sayin theres none is also BS. Sure you dont have engine intake air filter or oil filter but there still is a cabin air filter and while there is not oil usually, theres still (and quite alot of it) coolant for the batteries mainly... and brakes... those are hydraulic as regular.. .so Brake fluid is the same ...and those will need changing.

  31. sa lsa

    sa lsaPrije 16 dana

    5:07 0 to 100 KM in 5 seconds ? Kelvin Mega?? Medhi what's happening with the units. Plus you are talking about an acceleration? In km per sec?? That's speed unit Medhi! Acceleration is the speed variation during a certain period of time ( so that would normally be 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds). Speed is the variation of position in a period of time.😂😂

  32. spawn of war

    spawn of warPrije 16 dana

    Hey in nc you gotta be crazy aggressive driver other wise you'll get run over probably by a log truck

  33. At A Glimpse

    At A GlimpsePrije 16 dana

    Fun Fact: One of the application of mehdi's cars is getting sandwiched between the hood of the car!

  34. Dixie Farmboy

    Dixie FarmboyPrije 16 dana

    What I gain with gas car is I get the brrrrrrr

  35. Dixie Farmboy

    Dixie FarmboyPrije 16 dana

    We aren't a 2 car family. We are a S I X C A R F A M I L Y

  36. অরি

    অরিPrije 16 dana

    No Clutch?🤔 Car starts moving as soon as u start the engine?🤔



    Soo u don't need to stop to charge everytime



    Install solar panels on the roof

  39. Incogninto1 1

    Incogninto1 1Prije 18 dana

    17:24 The weakest processor: Intel atom Me using PowerPC: Hey

  40. Rajat G

    Rajat GPrije 19 dana

    1:04 triggered every car guy

  41. Patrik Hast

    Patrik HastPrije 19 dana

    Welcome to the Tesla-club (cult) :D

  42. CUBETechie

    CUBETechiePrije 19 dana

    How much energy can you generate with the regenerative brake?

  43. Mihail Fedorov

    Mihail FedorovPrije 19 dana

    "its would be beter over time" - yes, if they wouldnt sell to you new Tesla model year after year like an Iphone

  44. Its Esan

    Its EsanPrije 19 dana

    If middle of the way if your car gets discharge somehow then what would you do?

  45. Random 4400

    Random 4400Prije 20 dana

    "But I don't think we can run those on electricity" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Völl Däpp

    Völl DäppPrije 20 dana

    Just to get some things in perspective: My current BMW has adaptive cruise control and lane assist, it steers, brakes, accelerates, changes lanes, stops behind cars, follows traffic, balances trailers, has cameras all around, stops for obstacles (also at reversing), reads traffikc signs such as speed limits, even slows down if a speed limit is AHEAD etc.etc. Also you do not need to move the steering wheel, touching it from time to time is sufficient. And all this also at 180 km/h. It does not recognize traffic lights though. So basically all the fuzz about TESLA's "autopilot" may be more marketing than anything else. In my opinion it is slightly more advanced - true - but other carmakers offer decent systems which are not really far behind - only not marketed as aggressively as "self driving". The BMW is of course not an electric car, and I am not arguing "pro-combustion" here, just wanted to say that a good portion of self driving capabilities are quite common at least in executive cars these days.

  47. Mariano Taran Jr.

    Mariano Taran Jr.Prije 20 dana

    The most honest review on an electric vehicle.Keep up Sir Mehdi.

  48. CamCamDenDen

    CamCamDenDenPrije 20 dana

    1:04 he’s speaking facts right here

  49. The Sorrow

    The SorrowPrije 21 dan

    this care is a joke not safe

  50. Shashwat Dwivedi

    Shashwat DwivediPrije 21 dan

    scientists : lets make satellites meanwhile : why not to try making electric cows !!!🤣🤣

  51. christiaan,s workshop

    christiaan,s workshopPrije 21 dan

    Nice draw board

  52. sviccc

    svicccPrije 21 dan

    You are not using any gasoline downhill. That was true with carburretors. What you will do with batteries after its lifetime? They cant be recycled. What a ecology...

  53. Forever Computing

    Forever ComputingPrije 21 dan

    Can't help stare at that terrible panel gap by the front left headlight, bumper and bonnet...

  54. Dhwanan Bharadva

    Dhwanan BharadvaPrije 22 dana

    2:15 -> he just got new whiteboard 😂🤣

  55. Matasa

    MatasaPrije 22 dana

    Actually Medhi, thanks to cell cultures, we might be able to actually have electric cows. After all, besides the nutrient baths, those lab-grown meats are mostly consuming electricity during their production. Matter of fact, vertical farming and cell cultured meats may well be the future of agriculture, saving space, energy, and resources, as well as keeping very fresh ingredients locally available.

  56. Rinngheta Hruaitluanga

    Rinngheta HruaitluangaPrije 23 dana

    Thank you for using kilometer instead of confising assss miles

  57. Georgy Farniev

    Georgy FarnievPrije 23 dana

    When Mehdi is more conscious than most of the government’s.

  58. ixXGUNNERXx

    ixXGUNNERXxPrije 23 dana

    1:30 I'm pro-nuclear too!! Lftr- reactors are the future !

  59. Emir’s Channel

    Emir’s ChannelPrije 23 dana


  60. Ohms Law

    Ohms LawPrije 24 dana

    6:21 The emergency brake assistant works with radar. It needs a metal surface.

  61. Emir’s Channel

    Emir’s ChannelPrije 24 dana


  62. Khosro Sadi

    Khosro SadiPrije 24 dana

    ماشین بنزینی ۱۰ لیتر برای ۱۰۰ کیلومتر مگه پیکان هست بی انصاف. ۷ لیتر :)))

  63. Khosro Sadi

    Khosro SadiPrije 24 dana

    مبارک باشه مهدی جان شیرینی بده

  64. adam christiansen

    adam christiansenPrije 25 dana

    im all for the safety sensors but i think self driving is a net negative right now. it still needs human interaction and a human expecting the car to do its own thing will have a slower reaction time to problems/collisions as they need to figure out whats going on when the car is doing its own thing. that throttle pedal is not too dissimilar to those of us that drive tow rigs and have exhaust breaks/engine breaks and transmission controllers.

  65. aaradhya

    aaradhyaPrije 25 dana

    Elon musk hearing from car hmmm ok

  66. RevOlutiOn

    RevOlutiOnPrije 25 dana

    Steer clear of Tesla drivers, they're too busy watching their screen and panicking about battery prices in 10 years when theirs dies.

  67. AmPli FirE

    AmPli FirEPrije 26 dana

    Let's pray for the Tesla

  68. Ethanos

    EthanosPrije 27 dana

    He is just sad he spent 53k on a car. I think this video is to make him feel better. Honestly though in 'merica a Tesla would be worst on the environment. And in California people can't charge their car because there is an energy shortage.

  69. Ethanos

    EthanosPrije 27 dana

    Ran out of room to type XD. Personally I prefer gas cars they look cooler go faster and go much farther. About a 500 mile range. That is on a dodge charger.

  70. L3G1O0ON

    L3G1O0ONPrije 28 dana

    Did not include the energy wasted to dispose of the batteries after you are done using them so the carbon footprint is not as low as you would think. Compare the gas prices and how much you would save to another fuel car in the same class. Tesla is almost twice more expensive so the difference in the price you pay for the car itself will give you enough fuel to run your standard car for a lifetime. Going electric is the way to go for the future and there is no doubt about it but saying that the current electric cars are better than the combustion engine is not really true at this time.

  71. Railfan James

    Railfan JamesPrije 29 dana

    Imagine how much emissions a diesel locomotive puts out

  72. Vish

    VishPrije mjesec

    Elon Musk is just making the Electric Car technology expensive and unaffordable, it's like establishment of monopoly, so anyone who comes up with cheap affordable electric vehicles will be immediately suppressed.

  73. Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank

    Leopard 2 Main Battle TankPrije mjesec

    The 1.4k dislikes are from people who cant afford a tesla

  74. MAKER

    MAKERPrije mjesec

    Your wife has never knows when you get out of your home and come . Because Electric cars are way to silent as compared to gasoline car.

  75. MAKER

    MAKERPrije mjesec

    2:28 You buy a tool when you need it and buy it to match your application you have for it😂😂 You need Tesla to make carbon footprint graph .And use its T for time .😂😂


    GHOST NATIONPrije mjesec

    To you it may just be a tool but to some of us cars are our Passion Just like your work is your Passion to you. Not trying to be disrespectful I actually love your videos. Much love from America 👍

  77. The Pure Soul النفس الزكية

    The Pure Soul النفس الزكيةPrije mjesec

    So the conclusion is that, use hydrogen electric car or fuel car and forget about Tesla!

  78. Melvin Dela Cruz

    Melvin Dela CruzPrije mjesec

    good and honest review. now I'm waiting for you to tear it down and build it back again.

  79. Abdul Monaim Mohammed

    Abdul Monaim MohammedPrije mjesec

    What do you mean by Gas Pedal? There's no gas in that car 🤷‍♂️ @7:34

  80. []

    []Prije mjesec

    I don’t know but a EV combined with him is either a terrible death trap of an idea or a great idea. I wonder what the dude in the Accord was thinking as a Model 3 was flooring it towards him in a red light lol.

  81. Jake Rosendahl

    Jake RosendahlPrije mjesec

    About the infotainment computer. "What is it? Intel Atom?" Yes. More specifically it's an Intel Infotainment Solution powered by an Atom core, which hasn't been updated in a while. Maybe AMD should work on an infotainment solution that's cheaper but faster. With all the cars today having infotainment, it might be a decent slice of market to have.

  82. Mixed Dreams lofi

    Mixed Dreams lofiPrije mjesec

    It's good that it needs you to be aware and awake while self driving. That's not a problem. Rather it can self drive and see obstacles , traffic signals etc is amazing to sit back and watch. A product that directly shows the Passion and Hardwork of the team that made it possible.

  83. wheelieking71

    wheelieking71Prije mjesec

    Please explain your note @ 2:54 that 95% of BC electricity (the grid) is made from "renewables". The fact that anybody uses the word renewable when talking energy kinda yanks my chain. Here is why: one can not create energy. Period. You can't. I can't. Nobody can. Energy can only be converted, or stored. You, if anybody, knows this! Battery technology has a long way to go before any body convinces me that EVs are good for the environment. I respect your massive knowledge, and intelligence. But, I absolutely do not agree with you on the subject of EVs.

  84. Kari Greyd

    Kari GreydPrije mjesec

    I own 2 cars and a few motorcycles. I need them😂😂

  85. Mr H

    Mr HPrije mjesec

    Congrats on your Tesla model 3

  86. Mr H

    Mr HPrije mjesec

    I drool over blacked out suburbans and Toyota land cruisers but this is nice too

  87. Blake Ricketson

    Blake RicketsonPrije mjesec

    I love electric bagels.

  88. King Tiger

    King TigerPrije mjesec

    This man is like the embodiment of a dream customer for Tesla.

  89. Mr H

    Mr HPrije mjesec

    I like gas cars 110% more because it’s waaayyy more simpler engineering until u put the electronic stuff in it

  90. Jaida Pinkitt

    Jaida PinkittPrije mjesec


  91. Matts Koldewijn

    Matts KoldewijnPrije mjesec

    Liked for the robot mooo

  92. Bangkit BGKT_RIDE

    Bangkit BGKT_RIDEPrije mjesec

    Nicee bro

  93. Kansha shite iru

    Kansha shite iruPrije mjesec

    9:55 so why did pay for the feature?

  94. Prije mjesec

    24K gold plated banana award

  95. Thrust vectoring

    Thrust vectoringPrije mjesec

    No, gas cars don't use gas to go downhill since 2000s if you don't coast on neutral, which is actually prohibited in most countries as it is dangerous.

  96. Bob Owen

    Bob OwenPrije mjesec

    Put tinfoil on the boxes and try that experiment again with autopilot or cruise control. Radar sees the metal edges.

  97. jerome pickles

    jerome picklesPrije mjesec

    Do Tesla's use rare earth elements?

  98. Piracy advocate

    Piracy advocatePrije mjesec

    11:30 ICEs have a thing like this too, it's called engine braking 13:30 and, yeah, you pretty much always use engine braking while driving down the hill and you don't use any fuel that way

  99. Dylan Baarda

    Dylan BaardaPrije mjesec

    Remember: the model 3 doesn't stop for cardboard boxes or the end of the road.

  100. Dylan Baarda

    Dylan BaardaPrije mjesec

    We need to invent electric powered cows!

  101. Tcid EH

    Tcid EHPrije mjesec

    The Nissan leaf and Chevy bolt are abominations. You made the only correct choice