ElectroBOOM Goes Live! (for no reason)

Hello everyone! I don't know what I'm doing here, just wanted to meet and chat and have fun! Maybe answer some questions, talk about ideas and... you know... whatever!

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


  1. ElectroBOOM

    ElectroBOOMPrije 3 mjeseci

    Hello everyone! Hope the live stream didn't suck! It was a first. It was really nice to meet you guys, I hope I didn't make it super boring for you all. At the end there were some skin loss, but for the most part I'm just speaking broken english! Next time maybe I plan something, but for now it was good meeting you and testing my live stream setup. Thanks a lot for the ton of support and kind words! Let me know what you thought about it and what I should improve. I won't be able to improve my english any more though, I'm old!

  2. Joshua Ruiz

    Joshua RuizPrije mjesec

    I watch your videos it makes me laugh keep it up :)

  3. حاتم الحربي

    حاتم الحربيPrije mjesec

    old but gold👍

  4. TheMiningTeam

    TheMiningTeamPrije mjesec

    "i won't be able to improve my english any more" that's not true! believe in thy self, dude! *awesome vids btw

  5. Footballer1978

    Footballer1978Prije mjesec

    @Seth Johnson I don't want it anymore

  6. danny Thorpe

    danny ThorpePrije 2 mjeseci

    i didn't watch live but it seemed fine

  7. Barret Privateer

    Barret PrivateerPrije 3 dana

    So disappointed I missed this



    1:16 you forgot that wire are resistant

  9. Lemon Plays Productions

    Lemon Plays ProductionsPrije 4 dana

    Omg it’s 11 pm ineurope

  10. Apiix Slav

    Apiix SlavPrije 6 dana

    Holy crap I slept through this stream not cos it was boring because I was putting on videos to go to sleep and Autoplay was on

  11. Jay Navarro

    Jay NavarroPrije 7 dana

    Maybe to protect your hands is WEAR A PROTECTIVE GLOVE

  12. ATLHooligan

    ATLHooliganPrije 7 dana

    I am equally confused half the time I do anything EE related....

  13. GGE EES

    GGE EESPrije 9 dana

    i am a big fan

  14. Justin Bygrave

    Justin BygravePrije 10 dana

    Also Mehdi, in regards to 35:48, look up the smartflower. It'd a solar panel that is shaped like a sunflower, that follows the movement of the sun to give you maximum energy absorption.

  15. Justin Bygrave

    Justin BygravePrije 10 dana

    Why does Mehdi's thumbnail look like Sid from Ice Age?!?! 🤣😂😆

  16. Kurt Daniel Tenorio

    Kurt Daniel TenorioPrije 11 dana


  17. Ian Harris

    Ian HarrisPrije 14 dana

    Can you give out that script I actually live stream quite a lot and I would love to make my live streams more clean looking

  18. Jose Ramirez

    Jose RamirezPrije 15 dana

    say hi to zion

  19. Abusive Abusive

    Abusive AbusivePrije 18 dana

    Keep it up mehdi

  20. Colonel Panic

    Colonel PanicPrije 18 dana

    1:12:47 I'm not sure if I have blown the capacitors. Let's do it now then.

  21. Shubham 99

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  22. Gabriel Watford

    Gabriel WatfordPrije 20 dana

    Big fan

  23. Eric Harmatschek

    Eric HarmatschekPrije 20 dana

    What about a collaboration with Mehditation? :D Sorry, maybe this is just a stupid comment... But the guy there looks so similar to you that this idea could become a quite funny video!

  24. omar zamora

    omar zamoraPrije 20 dana

    you burned your wires for us thank you LOL

  25. alexandru puscarics

    alexandru puscaricsPrije 20 dana


  26. Carlton mujem

    Carlton mujemPrije 21 dan

    1:29:30 Just saving my spot for some more knowledge. I want to be an Electrician thank you for your help sir

  27. Saad A

    Saad APrije 21 dan

    My iPad fell when I was sleeping and watching 4 DankPods videos and the whole video live here! 😫

  28. Gershen

    GershenPrije 22 dana

    MEDHI! 11:58 - 43:44

  29. Syed Wasif Ahmed

    Syed Wasif AhmedPrije 23 dana

    This guys is on whole other level, content is so magnetic, pure information and fun.. sad that i can only like this video once


    Bionic FTM PROSTHETICSPrije 23 dana

    Please make a plasma candle

  31. Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo MartinezPrije 25 dana

    soludos desde chile

  32. Snigdha Rahman

    Snigdha RahmanPrije 25 dana

    Can you also please teach digital electronics


    IFTESAF SAMI 21Prije 26 dana



    VISCOUNT FFPrije 28 dana

    Streaming at 1080p Oh My God

  35. Take a random name

    Take a random namePrije mjesec

    It's funny when you teach how to pronounce your name I laughed and my tears can't stop you funny And I love the way you teach new things 😉 #Keep it up

  36. andrewgaming

    andrewgamingPrije mjesec

    If you know how to use arduino and program it start gave us lessons about it 💙 its beautiful

  37. kaarthikeya c

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  38. Prije mjesec

    24K gold plated banana award

  39. Merlen-G -Hatter

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  40. Merlen-G -Hatter

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  41. Chris Cain

    Chris CainPrije mjesec

    Oh that was so funny seeing you discharge all that current into that graphite … wish I’d seen this live … man you are a legend.

  42. Zhordz Records

    Zhordz RecordsPrije mjesec

    nice onee, from philippines

  43. Ashwini Violet

    Ashwini VioletPrije mjesec

    1:18:24 "Oh no my Wire " Eric Rosen somewhere - "Oh no my Queen"


    VISCOUNT FFPrije mjesec

    Please don't shock yourselve😇

  45. Ari 4 Ari

    Ari 4 AriPrije mjesec

    Part 7:43 in 2 seconds ago he said stop going up fast when i saw that he was yearing up alittle

  46. hairy and the BIG BOI SHOW!!!

    hairy and the BIG BOI SHOW!!!Prije mjesec


  47. hairy and the BIG BOI SHOW!!!

    hairy and the BIG BOI SHOW!!!Prije mjesec

    You should do it again

  48. مسلم محمود

    مسلم محمودPrije mjesec

    44:50 Voice crack I do that a lot

  49. Alexander The Greek

    Alexander The GreekPrije mjesec

    Dude I love this guy so much! No homo. He's even a pro live

  50. Alexander The Greek

    Alexander The GreekPrije mjesec

    Wow electroboom you're popular!

  51. screaming irish man

    screaming irish manPrije mjesec

    I am quite worried for electrobooms health

  52. Rizwan Sami

    Rizwan SamiPrije mjesec

    Like from Pakistan

  53. Jesse Perkins

    Jesse PerkinsPrije mjesec

    I have a idea for the rotating solar panel. Its simple. Build a pole and electric rotor with a solar panel attached. Have the mechanism computer programmed to follow a certain peak output with data of solar and earth rotation. Have an external battery to pre-power the device prior to solar energy collection, then which the battery can be recharged and the computer program can turn off battery discharge once the panel comes to its first peak solar input.

  54. WatermelonPizza

    WatermelonPizzaPrije mjesec

    This music is very calming. Back to being shocked trying to fix my extension cord

  55. Zenon 45

    Zenon 45Prije mjesec

    About your English Mehdi: Don't sweat it, as a native Canadian English speaker, it can be hard to understand accents. I can understand you more than i could other people.

  56. Blender Bach

    Blender BachPrije mjesec

    21:21 "Mein Folder" :)

  57. DasAntiNaziBroetchen

    DasAntiNaziBroetchenPrije mjesec

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  58. Andrew Pandey

    Andrew PandeyPrije mjesec

    You are so wholesome 😍😍

  59. Gung York

    Gung YorkPrije mjesec

    Amazing stream thank you for making us all laugh and you made our days better your a legend I hope your successful in everything 😁

  60. endeshaw1000

    endeshaw1000Prije mjesec

    He is the kind of youtuber you watch accidently twice because of algorythsm, and then u think : Did i already gave this video a thumb up? .. oh I did already :)

  61. DumNotFound

    DumNotFoundPrije mjesec

    Use a high frequency transformer to make lick ten burg figure

  62. Bozfy

    BozfyPrije mjesec

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  63. Cyprus980

    Cyprus980Prije mjesec

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  64. Rodier Ratafakus

    Rodier RatafakusPrije mjesec

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  65. Soyuz-Vostok SFS

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  66. Gadi

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  67. skinnyboyasian

    skinnyboyasianPrije mjesec

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  68. the smasher

    the smasherPrije mjesec

    stream starts at 2:40

  69. Familiar - Possessed Dharc

    Familiar - Possessed DharcPrije mjesec

    2:48 omg i freak out lol

  70. At A Glimpse

    At A GlimpsePrije mjesec

    Mehdi, Next time use your *!#@$& button in your livestream

  71. Larry Hoffman

    Larry HoffmanPrije mjesec

    Awesome Content!!! Solar Tracker with Springs and electromagnetic pull against the solar panel with potentiometer… ???

  72. Sυиѕнуи· ·Яƒƒ

    Sυиѕнуи· ·ЯƒƒPrije mjesec

    Hey, great livestream!! Not sure where you're located, I thought U.S. or Canada, but if you get around to the drone project, I could help you out. Never built one that can carry a person, but I've building and flying them for close to 10yrs. No need to re-invent the wheel, there's a lot of stuff you can build off of. As far as no software to help you fly, don't think you can get away from that. Now, the nice DJI photo drones that people get, have gps, and return to home if you lose signal, and auto hover if you let go of the sticks, and i think that's what your thinking of. The people that build race/freestyle/long range drones are more often purists. The flight controllers we use, have two self leveling modes, for when you're a new pilot, meaning the drone tries to stay level with the horizon, but no gps, no auto hover or return to home. Once you get comfortable flying you can turn off self leveling mode, and fly what's called acro mode, if you go left, the roll axis takes you left and you keep going that way until you counter act that movement by moving the roll stick right that same amount. But to make that happen, the flight controller has to take your left stick movement, sends that message to the ESCs(electronic speed controllers. {one for each motor} which in this case would be a message (packet) to the two right motors to spin slightly faster, thus causing the drone to fly to the left. Then later, getting into racing and freestyle tricks, the flight controller has a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) feedback loop, that in very simple terms, tries to counter act the violent motions of a drone flying 70mph and doing flips and turns. For the drone pilot, adjusting those can make flying feel either really dialed in turn on a dime, like racers like, or very floaty and loose, that freestyle pilots like. Basically, not that you'll have to worry about the last part as much, but for all those systems to work, all drones must have a gyro, which is built into the flight controller, so the drone knows which way is up, when and which way is left or right, when the pilot wants to turn. In fact if I was you, I would set up the controls to fly your giant drone, very similar to an RC radio controller, just two sticks, or levers that can move in 4 directions. Anyway, let me know if you ever want bend my ear, be happy to help!! email - SunshynFF@yahoo.com First name Jake

  73. Sυиѕнуи· ·Яƒƒ

    Sυиѕнуи· ·ЯƒƒPrije mjesec

    Oh, one thing you want to think about before you get started, is do you want to do 4, 6 or 8 props, more agile, and lest cost with four, but going to 6 or 8, while more expensive, you have more lift and stability, and if a motor goes out, the drone can still fly on 5 or 7. Also you can double each prop, one up one down, but then you have to worry about 8, 12 or 16 motors. Here is the most basic manned drone out there, followed by the worlds most advanced, and going into service soon in China. hrhave.info/mate/ZLqFlXuYZ8mv1J8/video.html hrhave.info/mate/ktR-knGGh6Vu2Wg/video.html Also, while there are several out there, I'm pretty sure that these two are the most used firmware for configuring flight controllers in most countries, just thought you might want to take a peak. betaflight.com/ github.com/inavFlight/inav/wiki

  74. Fellipe Navarro

    Fellipe NavarroPrije mjesec

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  83. josiah yen

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  84. Sil k2

    Sil k2Prije mjesec

    The live is good but next time change the song in fundal that piano song make me going me to sleep :)

  85. Ferit Oecal

    Ferit OecalPrije mjesec

    Dear Mehdi i hope you read my comment. First of all i wanted say thanks for educating while entertaining so many people. me myself am a electronics technician and learnt a lot from your videos. i just wanted you to know that storing all of your data on a single internel drive and especially on a system drive is a really really bad idea. not only the software aspect that windows sometimes breaks but also that your notebook can fall and damage your drive. it would really be a shame for all of us if you would lose all your unfinished materials. greets from germany

  86. Balthromaw

    BalthromawPrije mjesec

    LMAO.... that preview image... that face is so stretched

  87. Austin Lund   Chernobyl reactor#4 unlocking the

    Austin Lund Chernobyl reactor#4 unlocking thePrije mjesec

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  88. aksel bering

    aksel beringPrije mjesec

    I woke up from my nap, with youtube auto taking me to your video. Only thing is, i woke up to first few minutes of the video with your face on and felt true terror.

  89. Abhik Sarkar

    Abhik SarkarPrije mjesec

    Instead of making small small solar panel, take small small fresnel lenses facing each small cell of a big solar panel and attach a prism with each fresnel lens so that it may be turned to adjust the sun's light perpendicular to the solar cells.

  90. Aditya Prabakaran

    Aditya PrabakaranPrije mjesec

    Electroboom internships for people who want to learn how to design circuits!

  91. Active6655

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  92. Augustin Chenault

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  93. danny Thorpe

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  94. Zeyad Usman

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  95. when the, when the

    when the, when thePrije 2 mjeseci

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  97. The One Word Commenter

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  100. Prozay

    ProzayPrije 2 mjeseci

    I am having trouble creating a positive social network, but I’m too a introvert. I build drones, and a bunch of other stuff, but mainly am an electrician. You’re so funny! Live the content

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  104. Media Monster

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