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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


  1. ElectroBOOM

    ElectroBOOMPrije godine

    My daughter said I had to push those doors, not pull them! Was that the case??

  2. Ian Harris

    Ian HarrisPrije 4 dana

    Did you go back and try?

  3. Kabir

    KabirPrije mjesec


  4. Chris and Helen

    Chris and HelenPrije mjesec


  5. Sean Kamran Rowshandel

    Sean Kamran RowshandelPrije mjesec

    Peoples have low expectations of presidents even though they stand and high expectations of chairmen even though they sit

  6. OrangeIsBetter

    OrangeIsBetterPrije mjesec

    The doors are still smarter than you it seems... Even if you can unlock it correctly, you still can't seem to figure out how to open the doors, so the doors are actually pretty secure

  7. DarkerfoxTech

    DarkerfoxTechPrije dan

    LMAO walking around 🤣 out side. "Yeah I have blown up a hotel in London before"

  8. this account isn't real

    this account isn't realPrije dan

    Brave of any man to approach a building at night in a hoodie and hat holding a large capacitor and several wires

  9. Ace Colon

    Ace ColonPrije 2 dana

    Well I believe the doors did open but the red led on the doors scanner turned green which usually indicates its open but returned to red quickly you didn't have enough time to open it

  10. Glen Osborne

    Glen OsbornePrije 3 dana

    The world has largely become a big pile of trash.

  11. Zane Lobo

    Zane LoboPrije 3 dana

    hi ElectroBoom since i saw you rectifying i thought rectifying this video could you pls do the rectification

  12. XGamer_2.0

    XGamer_2.0Prije 6 dana

    Him 1.7 mil views: doesn't think about electroBoom getting 2.1 mil on this video

  13. TheZotmeister

    TheZotmeisterPrije 7 dana

    One thing you probably don't get enough credit for: the way you sneak the sponsor's bits in. I never see them coming.

  14. dekosobby

    dekosobbyPrije 7 dana

    gruise disgusting gog magog western invention sewer toilet 16 inch high. go green no sewer no liquor squat compost toilet

  15. Safwan Fathi

    Safwan FathiPrije 7 dana

    "lol @ u"

  16. Fahrozi Fahrozi

    Fahrozi FahroziPrije 9 dana

    Ya elah gomong opoto🙄

  17. Mr Melt

    Mr MeltPrije 9 dana

    Now pls try it with your 'Magic wand'. :)

  18. sa lsa

    sa lsaPrije 13 dana

    Mehdi... the unit of force is Newtons not KILOGRAMS

  19. A Pa

    A PaPrije 18 dana

    These sites that say the internet for free are all lies ??? If this is the case, you will expose many lies, Mr. Mehdi Solvent breast milk. I wish you could explain in Persian 👍🙏❤️💟💟💟❤️❤️❤️❤️ این سایت ها که میگن اینترنت رایگان همش دروغه ؟؟؟ اگه اینجوریه ، دمت گرم آقا مهدی خیلی دروغ ها را برملا میکنی شیر مادر حلالت . کاش فارسی هم توضیح میدادی

  20. Donald P Paul

    Donald P PaulPrije 19 dana

    Mendi 's brother. : Why do you hate my laser project so much

  21. Knight Sun

    Knight SunPrije 20 dana

    The security camera is the one you uploaded the video from?

  22. leanthonybeaverz

    leanthonybeaverzPrije 21 dan

    "You can't just get internet by sticking an antenna up into the air", is funny.

  23. Georgy Farniev

    Georgy FarnievPrije 23 dana

    Maybe old Russian systems are pile of junk, but Iran still uses them

  24. Psoto Desperado

    Psoto DesperadoPrije 25 dana

    grounded keypad maybe?

  25. Bozo Loz

    Bozo LozPrije 26 dana

    10:27 he got airplane mod on

  26. Jim Fortune

    Jim FortunePrije mjesec

    And we know that no Russian video could possibly be faked.

  27. juoig7799

    juoig7799Prije mjesec


  28. puellanivis

    puellanivisPrije mjesec

    The doors opening with taser _are_ failing in a safe condition: door open. Because if the door won’t open in an emergency, that’s bad.


    AJITH ARNOLDPrije mjesec

  30. jordan pike

    jordan pikePrije mjesec

    Really got heated about the wifi one lmao.

  31. Papai

    PapaiPrije mjesec

    ''Back to safety''😆😂

  32. Ruth Mohammed

    Ruth MohammedPrije mjesec

    You can see the wifi logo or sign next to the air plane mode sign

  33. Bakhos

    BakhosPrije mjesec

    it would be cool to do the magnets in a circle over some low friction material and give it an intitial push, wonder how long it will go

  34. K9Keanan

    K9KeananPrije mjesec

    Bro, imagine living in that apartment building and just looking out your window and seeing a middle aged man zapping the keypad and trying to get in

  35. JΦhn

    JΦhnPrije mjesec

    EA when I try to unlock a new level: 6:29

  36. just a normal korean boy

    just a normal korean boyPrije mjesec

    Comeade watchbyour mouth you could be send to gulag

  37. Core533

    Core533Prije mjesec

    3:33 lol opened and then shut again can see by the little green light

  38. Dylan Baarda

    Dylan BaardaPrije mjesec

    6:28 Shut up and take my money!

  39. Lilly like da flower

    Lilly like da flowerPrije mjesec

    Doors often fail open so that they don't trap residents or employees inside. The reason modern doors don't open with zapping them is they have been shielded, not because they fail closed.

  40. Big Bang

    Big BangPrije mjesec

    it should get opened if some shit happens coz it there some fire or something how would people escape from the building if electronic locks the door on every reload time

  41. Tauseef Ahmed

    Tauseef AhmedPrije mjesec

    Make a solar panel

  42. Hemeshwar Reddy

    Hemeshwar ReddyPrije mjesec

    6:26 lol 😆

  43. Holme

    HolmePrije mjesec

    11:10 I laughed so hard

  44. Vasanth Rao Kande

    Vasanth Rao KandePrije mjesec

    Medhi you should be called as gordon ramsay of electricity because you criticize electricity

  45. Tyson W

    Tyson WPrije mjesec

    I thought the video ended at 8:00 when the suggested videos came up. looks like mine!

  46. kasra ghasemi

    kasra ghasemiPrije mjesec


  47. Radouane Terrab

    Radouane TerrabPrije mjesec

    Hey look I have a hologram give me money 😂😂😂😂😂

  48. ninjahoney

    ninjahoneyPrije mjesec

    the guy was literally on airplane mode. im annyoed now he didnt even try.

  49. Aaron

    AaronPrije mjesec

    just use your dild.....magic wand


    KURTGANGPrije mjesec

    You have more

  51. Jason Perry

    Jason PerryPrije mjesec

    Impossible circular magnetic accelerator You just described the hadron collider except not only is it possible, it’s reliable enough to power entire cities

  52. Mitchell Navas

    Mitchell NavasPrije mjesec

    The wrathful verse conversly trouble because medicine regionally fax by a annoyed himalayan. broken, literate bathtub

  53. Gopinath S

    Gopinath SPrije mjesec

    10:45 Rage starts

  54. 9B_32 _Tangguh aju

    9B_32 _Tangguh ajuPrije mjesec

    Hey, at least we could make a lasergun from holoscam

  55. Azur Altumbabic

    Azur AltumbabicPrije mjesec

    Deer Medhi, Thank you for locking and desabling the breakers from Our Apartment and locking the doors ... 1 year later i can answer

  56. Anonymous Account

    Anonymous AccountPrije mjesec

    Next day the police Knock!!knock!!!

  57. nothing

    nothingPrije mjesec

    0:57 ah yes, russia. why use a security system when you can just park your tank or something there

  58. Verightess

    VerightessPrije mjesec

    It's what he is shocking, That silver circle is a sensor made by Securitas. That's used with a device to track security movement, and it's wired directly to the internals

  59. Space Ninja

    Space NinjaPrije mjesec

    My way of making holograms was similar to this but converted Cartesian coordinates in an obj 3d point to point file to polar coordinates so that I could use epicycles from a Fourier series and then shoot the laser into a speaker that had a stretched balloon with strip of aluminum reflective tape on the elastic material and then displayed the altered reflection into an oil diffuser. It worked really well. I have the software on github. And looking up jerobeam fenderson oscilliscope music on youtube as well as videos on projecting lissajous knots with a laser on HRhave will explain why.

  60. John Doe

    John DoePrije mjesec

    I can give you some information from the lock making side of things. with systems like this, they can be designed a few ways. first one is called fail-safe. When these locks fail the doors will unlock, allowing people to escape in the event of a fire. the second way I can think of is partially fail safe, although this is much harder to practically implement and thus very expensive. so when these lock's electronics experience failure, the door will open from the inside only. in residential buildings these are the only two options for electronic locks due to fire regulations. now, you can also have locks for non-occupancy buildings or who's doors never lock when people are inside (non-residential). this third type of lock is fail deadly. if there is a system failure, the door either stays locked (common for warehouses, corporate buildings, etc) or become locked regardless of the previous state (common for high security or military applications)

  61. Synderion's Variety Channel

    Synderion's Variety ChannelPrije 2 mjeseci

    Imagine you live in an apartment with your window open and you hear, *buzz buzz* "FUCK"

  62. Robeon Mew

    Robeon MewPrije 2 mjeseci


  63. Borish meitei

    Borish meiteiPrije 2 mjeseci

    Sir your breaking laws i am a police from canada your location? Just kidding!!

  64. Hour Uchiha

    Hour UchihaPrije 2 mjeseci


  65. Eric D

    Eric DPrije 2 mjeseci

    All tasers are stun guns, but not all stun guns are tasers. That first video you showed was NOT a taser. Tasers have electrodes that shoot out with wires connected to them. That one just has the probes at the tip. Not your mistake, but you could have corrected them on their improper use of the word taser when they meant to say stun gun.

  66. Robi Molnár

    Robi MolnárPrije 2 mjeseci

    these "free wifi" and "free electricity" guides are quite sad if you think about it. those guys knowingly exploit poor people

  67. Raunak

    RaunakPrije 2 mjeseci

    Love from India

  68. cat milk lol

    cat milk lolPrije 2 mjeseci

    can anyone tell me how he moved the N/S magnet drawing on the whiteboard, is it CGI or some special technique? ;-; please dont shame me

  69. Jan Matoušek

    Jan MatoušekPrije 2 mjeseci

    Probably magnet on drawing and paper

  70. Emre Yucel

    Emre YucelPrije 2 mjeseci


  71. DeejayXCrypt

    DeejayXCryptPrije 2 mjeseci

    The Batchman

  72. Adi

    AdiPrije 2 mjeseci

    10:45 *ANGY*

  73. Jay-R Galon

    Jay-R GalonPrije 2 mjeseci

    he is soo mad in this part it makes me laugh check this part 10:45

  74. josip lozic

    josip lozicPrije 2 mjeseci

    Doors unlocking upon failure ARE failing safe! You want to trap people inside if there's a fire?!

  75. Flare Gaming

    Flare GamingPrije mjesec

    You can open from inside

  76. sammyboi playz

    sammyboi playzPrije 2 mjeseci

    no security cams huh should of checked the sticker on the damn door

  77. alexneko

    alexnekoPrije 2 mjeseci


  78. Toms Vilnis pujiņš

    Toms Vilnis pujiņšPrije 2 mjeseci


  79. Gamesux

    GamesuxPrije 2 mjeseci

    5:39 they got in a budget veritasium

  80. Ruffus Goodman

    Ruffus GoodmanPrije 2 mjeseci

    E-Boom, doors can't shut down into lock position because of fire hazards. During a building emergency where power is out, locking the front door would be a death trap.

  81. TrapBoi  drako

    TrapBoi drakoPrije 2 mjeseci

    I'm pretty sure the door would be able to open on the inside so nobody would be able to Break in.... you don't need a key to walk outside😭

  82. izakymom

    izakymomPrije 2 mjeseci

  83. sunmye

    sunmyePrije 2 mjeseci

    now i love briliant

  84. Dríppÿ03

    Dríppÿ03Prije 2 mjeseci

    Lol @ u

  85. Александр Лаврентьев

    Александр ЛаврентьевPrije 2 mjeseci


  86. Hayley

    HayleyPrije 3 mjeseci

    lol that "Mark Greenwald" Kickstarter "superbacker" for that scam replyguying to every complaint. Guess he's just holding out hope huh


    KIDRANGERPrije 3 mjeseci

    there's a security camera sticker on the door

  88. Janus Kobain

    Janus KobainPrije 3 mjeseci

    00:30 - According to the electronic locks vendor's website, this was filmed in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.

  89. darkracer125

    darkracer125Prije 3 mjeseci

    sorry sad person. but the hologram isn't faked. the reason you see a "laser passing through the corners" and not the rest is because of jerk and acceleration. the mirror reflecting the laser needs to slow down and change direction. that's why the laser itself is more visible in the corners. because it's moving so much slower

  90. darkracer125

    darkracer125Prije 3 mjeseci

    doesn't change the fact that kickstarter is a bad place to invest money XD 9 out of 10 kickstarters never deliver

  91. PongoXBongo

    PongoXBongoPrije 3 mjeseci

    If you were designing an access panel with a metal faceplate, wouldn't you want that metal faceplate to be isolated from the circuitry to prevent this sort of attack? A little rubber weather seal gasket would probably work.

  92. Mike B.

    Mike B.Prije 3 mjeseci

    10:50 it could be real but then its shit anyway sins it would work with an normal charge cable hanging in mid air, used as an antenna.

  93. Alina Research Facilities

    Alina Research FacilitiesPrije 3 mjeseci

    Bring the electroboom crew to mass dislike the fake wifi phone


    CARTOON PROTECTORPrije 3 mjeseci

    Do you have photos of when you were young(and hand hair) ? If yes, why not show it along in your next video

  95. The Linux & BSD Cult T.V

    The Linux & BSD Cult T.VPrije 3 mjeseci

    my project of the week was to create a stereo microphone with preamplifier for each channel with two cheap capacitive microphones it has very good quality , i tested the circuit on my breadboard and i'm ready to put it together , combined with the noise reduction or noise cancellation filters is perfect and it has no noise like my other mic has.

  96. Blen Asrat

    Blen AsratPrije 3 mjeseci

    areyou kiding me

  97. Δημήτρης Κεραμυδάς

    Δημήτρης ΚεραμυδάςPrije 3 mjeseci

    If you look at 3:30 you can see as the system resets the black box next to it which is for a keyfob I think the led that has goes green for a moment and goes back to red.That means the door got unlocked but Mehdi did not got it open at the right time and thats why he thought that the teaser did not work!

  98. TheZipperDragon

    TheZipperDragonPrije 3 mjeseci

    I went from watching this guy because 'HAHA. FUNNY MAN HURT HIMSELF' to actually being interested in tech & electricity. I feel like that's a sign of a good youtuber, that they can draw in dipshits like me with comedy, & then actually make them WANT to learn.

  99. Loues S. Cat

    Loues S. CatPrije 3 mjeseci

    There is a conflict between security and safty regarding electronic locks. In reality electronic security doors should always failed unlocked if there is any risk people could be trapped inside in a life threatening situation. Just imagin a gas line blows within the building cutting power and setting a large part of the strucutre on fire If the doors entered a failure state locked then everyone in the building could very well die in a fire as a result. There are ways to work around this. You can have doors fail into a lock state provided there is never a risk this would result in someone being traped, for example if you only allow people into an area while the door is open and it can't be closed while people are in that area. I could never lock closed while someone is inside so a failure state defaulting to locked would be fine. You could also have a mechanical opening system on the inside so people can always exit through a door regardless of failure state. Corse the obvous solution would be to add some kind of battery backup to the locks to avoid power failure, but they would still need to fail into a safe state in the event the battery runs down or they are damaged by for example, a power surge.

  100. no pants :P

    no pants :PPrije 3 mjeseci

    7:16 mambo jumbo 9:21 it just goes with the flow

  101. Chris Coolandcalm

    Chris CoolandcalmPrije 3 mjeseci


  102. Chris Coolandcalm

    Chris CoolandcalmPrije 3 mjeseci

    Would u make an fm transm

  103. Marc Exequiel Catamio

    Marc Exequiel CatamioPrije 3 mjeseci

    6:27 When you want some government grant

  104. Clayton Eifert

    Clayton EifertPrije 3 mjeseci

    I think it would be better to have the doors be open by default. What if there was an emergency, and people were evacuatimg only to find that their ticket to freedom was only imprisoning them?

  105. dave jones

    dave jonesPrije 3 mjeseci

    Can we have free internet please Medhi

  106. Ken Konvicka

    Ken KonvickaPrije 3 mjeseci

    Am I the only idiot who bought one of those 1000X zoom scopes seen on TV? The thing is a piece of crap.

  107. Sajjad Baghooli Zadeh

    Sajjad Baghooli ZadehPrije 3 mjeseci

    عالی بود ، واقعا دمت گرم!!! 🙏😂

  108. Mazhar Zandsalimi

    Mazhar ZandsalimiPrije 3 mjeseci

    Man that rage is hilarious LOL

  109. علام العب

    علام العبPrije 3 mjeseci