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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro and Sponsor
2:00 Making the Acoustic Chamber
8:34 Designing the Speaker Driver


  1. Daniel Jensen

    Daniel JensenPrije dan

    Never thought of speaker cabinets as impedance matching before, that's a great insight!

  2. RIIZ

    RIIZPrije 2 dana

    09:45 u give me an idea to play codm

  3. Ģreen¥Þea

    Ģreen¥ÞeaPrije 5 dana

    Him:*swears alot* Me:man what does f%$#ing button even mean😭🤣

  4. Vannes Yanuarta

    Vannes YanuartaPrije 6 dana

    Didn't know that Bruce Banner have educational HRhave channel

  5. Selever

    SeleverPrije 6 dana

    Why you making a fucken button beep

  6. nkomlp1

    nkomlp1Prije 6 dana

    Just found your channel and am surprised that you survived for this long

  7. Vytautas Kupa

    Vytautas KupaPrije 7 dana

    Me when I need to take a math test 8:06

  8. Ethan and Eli TV AUTTP DGLATC DTGT

    Ethan and Eli TV AUTTP DGLATC DTGTPrije 7 dana

    10:19 Trying the Button!

  9. Làszlòné Péntek

    Làszlòné PéntekPrije 9 dana

    4:04 he sounds like a rubber duckie

  10. TheJose Channel (PC & Mobile)

    TheJose Channel (PC & Mobile)Prije 9 dana

    8:49 Do be lit tho (and funny)

  11. Elite7555

    Elite7555Prije 9 dana

    8:50 Boy, am I glad to not have Mehdi as tennant or neighbour :D. I would be constantly worrying about still having a house / home the next day. No, seriously, that was frickin' dangerous, with easily flammable material all around, and could have easily spiralled out of control.

  12. Freddy' jr

    Freddy' jrPrije 11 dana

    f@$% button

  13. abub_02_amine

    abub_02_aminePrije 11 dana

    4:01 .______. ok

  14. Andrew Harlan

    Andrew HarlanPrije 11 dana

    I will become a Patron for life if we can get "Electroboom Does The Marriage of Figaro"


    VOLTAGE GAMINGPrije 11 dana

    10:22 to 10:38 the most funniest moment🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. 20, Muhammad Firdaus Baskoro

    20, Muhammad Firdaus BaskoroPrije 11 dana

    this man is very smooth with his sponsorship things... just like someone that grew a beard last year

  17. Tacet

    TacetPrije 11 dana

    Of all the things I expected to hear in this video, an electrical engineer singing that one aria from the Magic Flute was least among them.

  18. Nizar Sehili

    Nizar SehiliPrije 12 dana

    *stubs toe* Nyehhhhhhh

  19. Yusuf Abdalla

    Yusuf AbdallaPrije 12 dana

    wait- you dont knwo how to program arduino???

  20. Souvik 05

    Souvik 05Prije 12 dana

    Fuckin button 🔘 26 Times thanks me later 😅🤭

  21. Funny videos :D

    Funny videos :DPrije 13 dana


  22. Bruzzun Ath'tuch

    Bruzzun Ath'tuchPrije 13 dana

    Mehdi- that singing was beautiful!

  23. Tman2097

    Tman2097Prije 13 dana

    Now I can finally speak Q*Bert

  24. Ryan Nohr

    Ryan NohrPrije 13 dana

    I’m so happy I found your channel haha

  25. Chrysean Dela Cruz

    Chrysean Dela CruzPrije 14 dana

    The background looks nice bro!

  26. Amit Bajpai

    Amit BajpaiPrije 15 dana

    0:01 i like how he is puting his hand in front of his mouth whenever he say bleeping so that viewers can not know that he is saying bleeping.

  27. Xenon Fuel

    Xenon FuelPrije 15 dana

    4:15 Alternative title: handsome iranian man orchestra

  28. Silver Spoon

    Silver SpoonPrije 15 dana

    imagine programming an ariduno just for a fucking beep. there are shits out there who are doing that actually. but 8:50 what? how even this shit takes fire?

  29. Firestreem02 gaming

    Firestreem02 gamingPrije 15 dana

    The bleep no blewp is funking

  30. Firestreem02 gaming

    Firestreem02 gamingPrije 15 dana

    The reveal the uncensored title is Making a Funking button

  31. Diode Doode

    Diode DoodePrije 16 dana


  32. Rαsed S' Råhi

    Rαsed S' RåhiPrije 16 dana

    _P A G L A_

  33. le anh phong

    le anh phongPrije 16 dana

    0:27: watch it and you know what I want to say

  34. The Gospel✝️

    The Gospel✝️Prije 17 dana

    Well Fuck.

  35. black yosh

    black yoshPrije 17 dana


  36. Dominik Goliasch

    Dominik GoliaschPrije 17 dana

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    Sam CollinsPrije 17 dana

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  38. Akhisa Yoshi

    Akhisa YoshiPrije 17 dana

    We really don't want to hear the beep every 0.001 sec, I'm sure you'll gain more subs if u stop censoring

  39. Keanu Ciupka

    Keanu CiupkaPrije 19 dana

    4:11 great rendition!

  40. Grimlock

    GrimlockPrije 19 dana

    It's confirmed. Medhi is an eldritch abomination with 2 pairs of arms.

  41. Ethan Ebang

    Ethan EbangPrije 20 dana

    “Sometimes people prefer ****ing than not ****ing” That sounds weird out of context “Sometimes in the heat of passion, you just want to do it but if your quick enough you can stop yourself” Oh no, this is taking a drastic turn

  42. emilio De Silva

    emilio De SilvaPrije 20 dana


  43. Klaas J

    Klaas JPrije 21 dan

    why do you have same background as 8 bit guy


    GAMER BRUCEPrije 21 dan

    He is a good singer

  45. MrMegaPussyPlayer

    MrMegaPussyPlayerPrije 21 dan

    1:23 fun fact: I once got banned from a forum permanently for swearing. The offensive post contained: %#*%#$! (Or similar)

  46. Sobo 49

    Sobo 49Prije 21 dan That's a little weird.

  47. Heitaro

    HeitaroPrije 22 dana

    Mommy can we have Elon Musk? No we have Elon Musk at home Elon Musk at home:

  48. yuil dill

    yuil dillPrije 22 dana

    I died when is desk caught on fire

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    Hafizh NabawiPrije 23 dana


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    UNIQU3 GAM3RPrije 23 dana

    Actually us programmers do have to learn electronics in physics if we are enrolled in a degree program


    Bionic FTM PROSTHETICSPrije 23 dana

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  52. Moon_Matthew _

    Moon_Matthew _Prije 24 dana

    Mehdi dont age restrict your Videos please! I cant watch them!!

  53. tricky is the best one

    tricky is the best onePrije 24 dana

    A bleep i love the button that f&#@

  54. Cosmo

    CosmoPrije 24 dana

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    Amin Vafaei pourPrije 24 dana

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  56. Amin Vafaei pour

    Amin Vafaei pourPrije 24 dana

    چرا به زیان فترسی ویدیو نمیزاری وقتی که بلدی

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    katie BarberPrije 24 dana

    by far one of the best sponsor plugs ive ever seen

  58. Miguel Antonio Campo

    Miguel Antonio CampoPrije 25 dana


  59. Aiden H

    Aiden HPrije 26 dana


  60. Tipto Mogo

    Tipto MogoPrije 26 dana

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  62. ختراعات وتعليم مفيده تصليح وتعليم

    ختراعات وتعليم مفيده تصليح وتعليمPrije 27 dana

    نه ما فهم شتحجي بس حبنك 😘😔

  63. Lucifer

    LuciferPrije 28 dana

    The best thing about this channel is not electronic but humor.

  64. Malik Dem

    Malik DemPrije 28 dana

    can you try to generate electricity with a motor please

  65. Румен Василев

    Румен ВасилевPrije 28 dana


  66. Tristan Mumford

    Tristan MumfordPrije 29 dana

    The end product doesn't sound like 1kHz.

  67. hayden travers

    hayden traversPrije 29 dana

    what is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  68. Duncan Salyer

    Duncan SalyerPrije 29 dana

    Really love your videos, just make sure not to hurt yourself.

  69. Cry More

    Cry MorePrije 29 dana

    6:28 when your girl asks if you like it

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    sans. last breathPrije 29 dana

    i never have laughed this loud in my whole history of life XD: 8:42

  71. AlpacaMax Y

    AlpacaMax YPrije 29 dana

    10:37 new emote?

  72. u mad fam?

    u mad fam?Prije mjesec

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    Kaveh AhmadiPrije mjesec

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  89. Prije mjesec

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